Slide Jump Bug?

Not sure how people are doing it, but there is a method to jump super far and its really annoying to keep up with. It’s breaking the movement speed of the game. Everyone is doing it at the moment. Please fix it asap.

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When you have a shield on you can dash and jump. Which will make you go faster than someone spamming its ninja leap. I have seen some player doing it over and over, and probably using macro to have the perfect timing each time.

Looks like a bug introduced in the version 0.22

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I think it only works on chrono. And i see the same too. Didnt know it was a bug.

I think you just need to have a staff on. I’m not sure bug is the correct definition. But I think the breaks game mechanics of movement speed and should be hot fixed asap.

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I was able to do it with my shadow and my fixer. But always with a shield on

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Yea i heard other classes could do it too. But i cant do it with a fixer even though i use a shield. Still needs to be fixed.

Hey @Fisban! Thanks for the report! This is something the team is currently looking into, but please feel free to provide any additional information that might be useful for us!

I don’t think the team is currently working on it as seems it have been fixed in the 0.23 update.
Do you have access to the Jira board to confirm ?