Solo dungeon with another random player

i was yesterday (6 aug) playing a couple solo dungeons and in 1 solo dungeon i started solo bud when i completed 2 missions and was going to the boss there was another player in the dungeon but we where not in a team


6-8-2022 14:14

we completed together the boss room and when we exit the dungeon we where going or own way
( i have read something about this bugg that had have been fixed but because i got the bugg yesterday i open a new topic ( so srry if you already know about this )

Had this happen a few times tonight. I ran an instance with a group who all left after we completed it and all zoned out. Then next few instances I tried to solo, had additional people in my solo instance, who all had to be present for the boss. The number of people changed with each new solo instance I attempted until the portal expired. New York server about 11 pm central time. Pic of 4 of us waiting on the unknown 5th player.

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