Some Big Time Ideas (Loot Pickup)

Problem you’re trying to solve
The problem i’m trying to solve is let’s make these dungeons a bit faster for looting. What i mean by this is whenever you see gold it should automatically be put into your bag while running over it. You say the system is generated so it’s not sharable so i feel as if this would work ideally. Also like pots and tree of lifes etc could also be picked up. IF you already have them in your inventory. If not don’t generate it to pick it up.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I feel like we waste too much time just looting gold and pots lol. There’s some dungeons where its gold city lol.

i agree with the gold part, i even mentioned this previously when gold had to be picked up with E button so they updated to running over it, but maybe they can make it like xp and just give anything that drops. (but its not much gold anyways, most gold is made by selling). but for other items i dont agree unless they consider only one space for auto pick up. cause i personally dont pick up more life when i have 20.

Sensory cues are essential in signaling both positive and negative events in games. When you’re fighting enemies, and they drop gold piles (and other things), it signals that you are being rewarded for whatever you and your party are doing.

Keeping that in mind, what if the gold collection radius was larger, so you didn’t have to walk right over the top of it to collect it?


I think gold collection radius should be an upgrade done with tokens. If tokens want to have value outside cosmetics (limited to people with space/forge/armory) these will be the things that can add universal demand for the tokens.

I know we are early to talk about tokens, but if this stuff is done for free, then it can’t be added later as a token upgrade. There are only limited things like this that are not considered pay to win, that’s why it’s important to know the list of stuff.

Yah, but that extra range wouldn’t really do much because you can just press E. And when gold drops now your forced to automatically pickup and play the gold animation while mid-battle which could be annoying.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen games with feature’s before leaving an area you could choose the items you wanted before leaving the zone. Or creature/pets that would tag along picking up gold/misc (items) and maybe allow some extra storage space.

I’m pretty sure there are other implementations for QOL features in other games or perhaps this topic need’s to be explored further.

Depends on how because not everyone is going to have the same gold radius preference.
And do you really want a gold radius slider in the game settings to tweak?

No, not a gold radius slider. Simply the ability to increase the gold radius pickup range using tokens. Upgrades should always increase in price exponentially for each level, so they are easy to get the first upgrades but hard to max.

Without these kind of upgrades that apply for everyone’s account the demand for the token will be limited to people with space. If we want our Play and Earn to be worth anything, we will want universal demand for the token from upgrades like this.

I will hold off on token talk until we get there. More important things to focus on for the time being. Step by step!

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That seems like a bad idea; for a gold radius pickup range, not the upgrade for token idea .

  • (in-general)

Regarding picking up tokens you have to think of various factors:

  • Movement speed (to gather items/coins faster)
  • Added Skills (i.e. telekinesis) which could pick up miscellaneous items (like in diablo 2)
  • teleportation (to get to item faster)/(any skill that modifies speed/location of character)
  • Features like when you’re mounted (I would assume you’d have a bigger pickup-radius)/mini-pet

There are many factors in-play here. What if you have a character that has attributes on items like:

  • Increased gold-find (combined with +gold-pickup radius on the item as well)
  • What if there was an option to share gold. (what ever drops for you drops for everyone else)

I don’t think having radius bigger solves anything but laziness and those people don’t deserve gold.

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