Some Ideas I had for BIG TIME

I have to say i’m loving the game so far however there’s some simple things that could use adjusting like FOV. Field of vision could be implemented as i know a lot of people love to be aware of all of their surroundings.

Weapon scrolling instead of clicking f you can use the mouse wheel and scroll through your weapons on the fly that way its easier to switch between weapons. F is easy but when your using the mouse the begin with it just makes your life 10x easier.

Implement a crafting system/leveling system for skills OUTSIDE of the PVE sides of things. What i mean by this is gathering resources in the game. Ores, Logs, Saps, Blood from animals etc.

I’m going to leave this very brief. The game has high potential. Keep up the great work and ill see you all in Big Time!

Just hold left alt key while you move your mouse, and you can turn around while running, and you can see everything :wink: