Some Skills Not Scaling with Level Making them Overpowered

Problem you’re trying to solve
There are some skills that do not scale with the level of the caster or the level of the mobs, causing low level players to be able to use them to kill any mob in the game. I don’t know if this is a complete list, but so far the ones I have noticed are:

Quantum Fixer Turrets: Level 15 Turrets are able to kill Level 60+ mobs
Quantum Fixer Rend: Level 15 with Smite can destroy all shields from Level 60+ Mobs
Shadowblade Oil Traps: No mobs can resist these movement skills, so a Level 15 Shadowblade can Trap a Level 60+ mob while range burns them down.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
As much as we all love running level 65 Dungeons with a group of level 15’s, we don’t think this is the intended level progression. We actually want to have to level up to do this high level content :grin:

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Depending on the skill, scaling the damage up with the level of the player or making it so higher level mobs can partially or fully resist the skill depending on how many levels above the player they are should work to fix these.

Quantum Fixer Turrets: Scale the damage of the turrets up with the level of the player. If this is already being done it means the scaling is off or too strong because Level 15 Turrets can kill level 60+ mobs. Currently these turrets appear to be the best DPS in the game, which should not be the case for the Quantum Fixer.

Quantum Fixer Rend: Either scale the shield damage up with the level of the caster, or make it so higher level mobs partially or fully resist it depending on how above caster level they are.

Shadowblade Oil Trap: Mobs over a certain level higher than the player should partially or fully resist these Oil Traps and movement reduction skills. I like things on a sliding scale, where maybe within 10 levels higher there is no resistance, and then for each level over that, they don’t get stuck for as long until 5 level over the player level and then they will only stop for a quick second and then keep running through it.

If anyone notices skill that are like this that should scale based on the players level or mobs level so they can’t be used to exploit end game content at low levels, please post them here!



Thanks for the feedback man :slight_smile:

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I have been thinking of this quite a bit, and my brain keeps going to something like this as a possible solution to the problem of level 15 players running 60+ dungeons.

Skills could be effective within 10 levels over the player, and then every level over that they lose 20% effectiveness, which means skills would do very little to mobs 15 levels above the player. Having a min effectiveness so they do very little but still work may be a good idea so they don’t appear broken.

Let’s think about this in practice. This means to do a Level 60 Dungeon to get Tier 7 Loot, players would want to be level 50 so their skills hit with max effectiveness. Good teams may be able to get away with this at level 45-49, even though the skills are less effective.

This feels like a good balance, and I think some skills already had that 10 level range in the past. I can’t wait to have to level up through all the lower level content to get back to the point where we can grind these high end dungeons!


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Why do you want to close access to me and close my topics on the forum, what format are you talking about? I write in the correct format game feedback

Just thought of another issue. Even when players are forced to level up for skills to be effective, it feels like the Shadowblade Oil Trap and movement reduction skills will be overpowered. With a Shadowblade making all the mobs stuck, there is no need for a Time Warrior. There should always be a need for a Time Warrior, especially in the end game content.

To solve this, it might be a good idea to make a maximum number of mobs that can be stuck in Oil Trap type skills. This way, they can “crowd control” most of the mobs, but for the big groups, some will still get through, which means a Time Warrior would have to Taunt and tank them. Maybe the duration should not be as long as well, just some thoughts. Ideally we want the Time Warrior to have to tank mobs =)