"soul drain" is the biggest problem with Big Time's dungeons

Problem you’re trying to solve

The “soul drain” mission objective is currently the biggest problem with Big Time’s dungeons. Often times, players are looking to kill as many enemies as possible to gain XP and level up their character. This results in all the enemies in an area being wiped out, meaning that if the soul drain mission objective occurs, players are sometimes left having to run great distances trying to find enemies to lure back to the soul drain.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
[REPLACE THIS: Example: trying to kill this monster is frustrating more than challenging, I think it should be more challenging, less frustrating]

It is very annoying when you as a player have to traverse great distances in search of enemies to lure back to the soul drain, then stop and wait until the enemies catch up to you (because their AI isn’t the greatest), then keep running and repeat this process over and over again until the enemies have followed you all the way back to the soul drain. This is incredibly tedious and detracts from the experience for all players involved. Big Time’s dungeons are supposed to be fast-paced and action-packed; luring enemies back to the soul drain causes stagnation in the gameplay and kills the vibe.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

  • Remove the soul drain mission objective from the game completely, or;
  • make a group of enemies spawn reasonably close to the soul drain whenever the soul drain mission objective occurs; or
  • program enemies to head towards the soul drain until they are within a specific radius of where the soul drain is located

Excellent suggestions. Fixing the missions to let people “run through them” faster is a good thing, even if it means removing/replacing Soul Drain and trying something else that doesn’t mess groups up randomly. This along with smaller dungeon sizes to make it a faster more fluid run with a better boss room, with artifact shards dropping at a higher rate from target mobs (can kill all of them) and even higher for the actual boss if they go with the Perfect Boss Room format. I’m dreaming a little bit here but that would be fantastic.

Ideas about changing soul drain:
*Kill mobs 100-200 mobs to proceed.

The worst scenario from my experience is this

  • soul drain mission is the second mission after data point mission when most mobs were killed
  • soul drain appears on the other end of the dungeon
  • timer running out
  • mobs won’t follow

as a result we learnt that when this happens we just quit the dungeon, sadly wasted our time.


Hey guys, thanks for the feedback! I sent all this info in!


The issue with soul drain isnt that the objective itself isnt good. it is because the mobs are broken and wont follow agro, or not enough mobs or soul drain spot spawns in areas you have already cleared… just fix the objective… but in the mean time remove it.

The answer that it isnt easy to just remove an objective comes down to developing these things correctly. If it isnt easy now that means it is not being built optimaly and it should be for future ability to add seasonal objectives like. collect presents for santa, instead of pick flowers… etc