Soul Drain no insects

Several incidences of soul drain spawning in insectoid maps and then insects not moving into drain. Even when going +200m to lure insects in. This works with some insects but often not.

Insectoid nests

Multiple occasions since update.

This has happened multiple times since patch. The most frustrating was when I waited around for an hour trying to get a team up, this bug occurred in map once we had a team, then all the team got fed up and left. Next attempt with new team 20 mins later, same thing happened and we got to within 2 insects of completion and the ran out of insects despite several attempts to lure in from far away.


Soul drain is ruining the game and has done ever since it was introduced. God only knows why the devs won’t give us players what we want and remove it altogether. They’ve shown us time and time again that they’re not willing to do what it takes to fix soul drain, so why not remove the damn thing?


Hey @Dojiwaan, thanks for the report, I’ll log this in! Would you mind providing more detail as to how enemies were not moving into the Soul Drain? Like, was there an invisible wall they could not go through, or were they just stubborn and wouldn’t follow you? Also, were they long range enemies or melee?

Hi @Flor_195 thanks for replying. This is normally in the insectoid nest. There have been multiple (at least 3 for me) incidences where on one of the side arm dungeon areas that ends in a pool, the soul drain appears in the middle of a pool of water and the insects are up high on the banks. They will not come down from the banks into the pool. Other times have been random sites where the group have cleared an area of dungeon for an earlier mission, like collect flowers or kill invertebrates and then the soul drain appears in the area of dungeon that is already cleared and any insects that might be even slightly local cannot be lured into the drain (the fire bugs which don’t move much or the flying nymphs) Sorry I’ve probably got the names wrong here. On a positive note, any soul drains in bino lairs ive done recently seem to have worked fine. One workaround might be to get a soul drain spawn to co-spawn enough insects to complete the quest (over time or at distance to make it more challenging maybe?

Hey @Dojiwaan thank you for the information, our devs are looking to make this objective less tedious your feedback is greatly apreciated to focus in the right direction.

Thanks @Fran32 - just fyi it also happened in a bino den a couple of days ago…twice…one with 1 bug left to kill and no show, so we failed. Second in the next dungeon where we only got half the bugs show after a lot of searching for new spawns (we had cleared the dungeon to that point). Some did spawn but not nearly enough. good to know devs are listening. Thank you.

@fran32 - sad to report there has been no improvement in soul drain success since the last post - today a group and I did 3 consecutive dungeons that failed due to too few spawns around soul drain leading to mission failure. This is not acceptable - please can you fix it. Its really frustrating. All bino den, all different locations.

@Dojiwaan they are working to fix it on the next patch, so you won’t see any changes untill next patch is released, unfortunately a Hotfix is not enough to fix that quest so it needs to wait untill next patch.