Soul Drain Revamp/Unplayable

Problem you’re trying to solve

Souldrain mission be removed or revamped???
You could easily have it so it spawns waves of enemies and you kill them inside the soul drain?

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
Needs to be fixed its almost unplayable.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Nope just this


Too many ranged units make it unbearable. Also the units that spawn just to get into the soul drain don’t reward us with exp sometimes.


Just take it away, it has always been so many complains about souldrain. havent heard anyone that think it enhance gameplay, just the opposite


It would be nice if, as you say, waves of enemies appear until the objective is met. Having to ignore enemies when you are near soul drain or having to go looking for them is annoying and sometimes makes it impossible to complete the quest


Fix souldrain shit FFS

I made a thread about soul drain before, and I suggested they could fix it by making a group of enemies spawn within close proximity to the soul drain when it appears, or program existing enemies to head towards the soul drain until they are within a specific radius of the soul drain.

As it stands, it’s so damn tedious trying to lure enemies into the soul drain, especially ranged enemies that just don’t want to follow you.

If the devs don’t want to fix soul drain, they should just remove it altogether.

They deffs revamped it, it’s better than it once was to an extent it just still needs a bit of work. I feel like spawning the mobs as soon as you’re there or within 100m distance of souldrain and it counts down would be ideally the best. Then you kill em and clean up the rest and it spawns more and you get a small amount of time to do it NOT absurd amounts of time like 12 minutes you know? I feel like that would make soul drain a mission that’s doable in a sense instead of just throwing it away all together.

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Hey all! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! This is something the team is currently working to improve!