SPACE Decor Crafting

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

Been thinking a lot about SPACE Decor Crafting. I don’t think I will be all that into decorating my space honestly, but I am very interested in crafting and selling.

Based on the recent AMA it sounds like decor may be dropping in game similar to NFTs/Artifacts.

I realize I have no clue how the rarity crafting is going to work, but if we can craft SPACE Decor I think I’d rather get a Decor Blueprint than a Decor drop. As a crafter I could “upgrade” my Decor Blueprint to make rarer items. The total in-game limit supply per rarity could dynamically count down on the Blueprint as the community starts producing the items. The Blueprint itself could also be sold on the marketplace and depending on supply and demand the Blueprint could be really valuable day one of global launch and when the supply is almost gone.

Add your comments. Curious what other player/crafter ideas are to share with devs.


Agree,would really like that. Sounds very cool. If people dont have spaces they can put some of those decors into their “time machines”.