Space Usage, do I need to be rich to use?

Am I missing something? If time Wardens and Forges will be a rare drop in-game and very hard to come by without spending alot more money, then space is pretty well useless isn’t it?

Just trying to work out if it will be the rich or just guilds that will be able to use space effectively.

Just wondering if Bigtime is thinking about this?

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i mean time wardens are like 600 bucks and space is as cheap as 100… so … no need to be rich

From my understanding is all players will receive a common version of the wardens and Forges the ones on the market are currently mystery boxes that have a chance at giving you a higher tier then common when opening them so those prices do not reflect what they will cost/ look like in game so what I can say is wait for more information to be posted about the economics in the game and how it will work. -Sneaky


You are correct Sneaky. Per the medium articles, Time Wardens, Armory and Forges are all available as an “in-game” item. The more rare ones from mystery boxes are just better versions of the ones that will be available to everyone “in-game”, bought for gold, or through quest, we don’t know yet, but yes, in-game free ones will be available to everyone.

Adding the mystery box made people think they would also need to buy a time warden/armory/forge for each space they had, but that is not the case.


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That’s good news. Thanks for the info.

Of course thanks for the post this was concering a lot of people so if you see anyone else asking the same type of question send them the link to this thread it should help clear up some confusion with those players. I hope your enjoying yourself on Big Time.

Matt just said in an ama that the timekeeper will be a drop ingame but he said it would be a pretty rare drop to get

Was he talking about the common Time Warden or the more rare ones? (uncommon, rare, epic etc.)

My guess is he was talking about the rare ones, but we will see for sure when they release more details =)