Staking SPACE until functionality release

As we have no clear timeline (with actual dates) for when SPACE functionality, that will produce $/£ will be available, Bigtime should consider compensating investors in SPACE by introducing a feature which allows SPACE holders to stake their SPACE. SPACE rewards would increase depending on how rare the SPACE is and a multiplier could also be introduced depending on if the holder of SPACE also held an EA Pass.

For example, Exalted SPACE could return $10 a day x 2 if you hold a gold pass

This could also be a way of increasing the demand for SPACE such as small Exalted

This is by far the worst idea I have seen on the forums yet. Kudos for being able to claim that.

Where does the yield come from? Like … wow I know crypto bros come up with crazy ideas but this one takes the cake


About space, I think they should make it so the rarity of your space also increases the effectiveness of the space and not just the rarity of the utility. I for one feel pretty dumb holding a ton of Exalted space I will never be able to utilize because I will never have enough exalted utility to put in it. Sure I can put lower rarity utility in it, but if I wanted to do that, I would just buy the lower rarity space or use my lower rarity space I already have. This is why space is selling off, it’s not really that valuable anymore.

In terms of staking, that’s a cool idea. I would certainly love to earn some passive income from space until they enable renting. Yield doesn’t have to come from anywhere, they can simply reward space holders in the form of USDC like a “buy back” program. They could use some of the money from the upcoming Utility sale to do this. Considering they have nerfed space by making it so only the rarity of the utility matters, I think that would go a long way to regaining some trust from early investors.

With that said, I think the best solution is to just make it so the rarity of the space also factors in to how effective the utility is.


I also am a fool holding more exalted spaces and I can ever use. The functionality and value of the rarity of space right now is just a JOKE. Only way we get our investment back is if all the mystery boxes open up exalted.