Standing Pants Graphic Bug

Graphic bug where pants come off and stay in standing position but still stays with the player as they move. Happened to me and I thought it might be a one-off. Then happened to another person in my group about 10 levels later the next day.


  1. New York, Prime server. Starting dungeon, boss room.
  2. New York, Charlie. No Man’s Land, searching for portal.


  1. 11/12/22 at about 12:45 pm central time.
  2. 11/13/22 at about 3 pm central time.


  1. In boss room of starter dungeon.
  2. In No Man’s Land searching for a Portal.
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Screenshot 2022-11-12 124204

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Hey @HamurTyme! The information and attachments provided were super helpful! Thanks for the report, I’ll get this logged in for the team to take a look!