Stealth and/or Tank Sub Tree Broken

Problem you’re trying to solve
Stealth and/or Tank Sub Trees are not working, both the target rating increase and target rating decrease have a positive addition to enemy attention. The first picture is target rating decrease with 10 points in it to have 1000 enemy attention. The second picture is target rating increase with one point in it for 100 enemy attention. The last is both combined.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
Frustrating that the fix didn’t fix , it should work properly

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
please fix the stealth and tank sub trees.
target rating bad 1
target rating 2
target rating 3


Aggro and Taunt desperately need to be fixed, thank you for detailing this out Gator. I get tired running for my life constantly and leads me to game fatigue where I can only play 1-2 hours at most. I played as a Time Warrior in Silver/Jade and loved being able to pull/keep the aggro and Tank and protect the group. This should be a priority for next patch. Get guys like @Gator and @dadilium in the test server to be sure aggro/taunt is fixed appropriately and the game will be much better as a result.


Test server, there’s a great idea!

I didn’t realize how much Time Warrior hinged on Unstoppable Shout, it feels like we lost a good friend the Unstoppable Shout now. I noticed now it doesn’t even stop you from taking damage, seems to be broken and nerfed. Time Warrior’s tanking ability is a thing of the past. I know what you mean by that fatigue I am feeling it too. Was so much fun taking the front lines and building that defense, now it’s constantly dodge and run. Time Warrior is not much of a healer anymore either. More like Time Scurrier, lol.


Good eye… we mention this to the team back when asked about fixes for last patch… still waiting for it to hit the fix table and get changed