SUGGESTION: Fauna and Flowers quests

Hunting Faunas and gathering Flowers are both nice quests but if you need to play them in the same dungeon, it can be a little boring. And even more, if you play 2 or 3 dungeons in a row and you get these 2 quests, the feeling is so… :sweat_smile: Of course, this is just my opinion.

I can understand how interesting are these kind of quests to motivate the player to explore the dungeon, but would be great if we could get one quest to explore the dungeon, and the other one to kill something like wanderers or lieutenants. I love the wanderers quest for example, because you never know if it will be just a small Clockie or a MegaClockie.

Also, both quests could be available at the same time so you can explore the dungeon to hunt Faunas but at the same time, go to specific places to find and kill the wanderers.

Some last ideas about Faunas:

  • They should spawn no matter if there are enemies in the same area, so you don’t need to wait an eternity.
  • Faunas could also deal damage or do something special, so it’s no so easy to kill them. I’m talking to make them become a challenge and not just a “gathering flowers” experience. We want challenges! :wink:
  • Would be funny if Faunas could drop some special in-game items and resources or even, NFTs with a veeery low rate. It’s a way to motivate people to kill Faunas.