Suggestion for connecting Spaces without ‘sacrificing’ utility slots

Problem you’re trying to solve

Exist System:
Using the Space exits (which in turn reduce the possible number of utility nft slots) to connect to other Spaces is not optimising Space utility because their key purpose has always been crafting (forges and armories) and token farming (time wardens). When the new Exist System was announced, the first thing that comes to my mind was, which Space or Spaces will I need to ‘sacrifice’ to connect them all. It is also stated that we must connect all the Spaces together.
It indirectly discourage people from buying more Spaces to be part of the creator economy because the more Spaces we buy, the more additional Spaces we need to also purchase for connections.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

My view is each Space should have their individual entrances and exits purely only for navigation to other spaces, which are separated from connecting to utility nfts. Like a house (Space) where we will always have entrances and exits, that are built separately from the rooms (utility nfts). We will not sacrifice a room just to create an entrance/exit to get in/out of the house because a house should already have its own entrance/exits. There should be a CLEAR DIFFERENCE between utility nfts (rooms) and entrances /exits (doorways) and NOT mix them together.

A cube has 6 sides, of which 4 of them are horizontal sides so a Space always has 4 doorways for exits and entrances. I will not include the 2 vertical sides (top and bottom of the cube) as it will complicate the overall layout and navigation (likes stairs going up and down).

Like a Grid (Image 1), we can always connect 4 spaces on the 4 horizontal sides (I will call them doorways). See the Spaces from top view, and the utility nfts (rooms) sit within each Space ‘boundary’.
Only doorways are extended to the edge of the Space boundary.

For Image 2, we can change the layout without the concern of losing utility slots. For Image 3, we can expand with more Spaces and again without the concern of losing utility slots or buying more Spaces for connecting.

This method, imo is logical and will allow the full utility of Space and no Spaces are ‘sacrificed’ for connections. Spaces are and should always be the most important asset in Big Time for the creator economy as indicated by BT, lets make them valuable and great again. Hope the Team will consider. Thank you.

Image 3
Image 2