Suggestion for Exalted Small Space

First off, I commend the Big Time team for doing an AMA and trying to clear up the reasons for the change from Sockets to Exits. I know the team is working hard to try and make the best game possible for the players. Personally I did not agree with the reasoning for the change because I wanted to show off my Time Warden in my Space and I thought sockets were easier to understand but that is not the point of this post.

With that said, the decision has been made and we need to move forward. Reason for this post is because it feels like Exalted Small holders got screwed (for lack of a better term). I know this was addressed in the AMA, but the answer was to do more for Exalted Holders, when it should have been “Do more for Exalted Small Holders”.

Medium and Large Exalted did not lose anything, it was the Exalted Small that got “nerfed” and now we can not fit as many Utility into it as we thought we would be able to when we bought it. We bought the Exalted Small with the expectation we could fit Time Warden, Forge and Armory into it (or 4 Time Wardens), and now that is not the case.

I am suggesting the Exalted Small should have 3 Exits so we do not lose anything, like all the other spaces holders did not lose anything. Some of us only bought Exalted Smalls, because when you were trying to decide what to buy under the Socket Model, the Exalted Small made “the most” sense to buy, and now under the new model it makes “the least” sense to buy. That should be rectified, as it is clearly not fair to change something people invested in that is now 33% less effective when everything else is the same or better.

Adding benefits to all Exalted Spaces like they said they wanted to do to “rectify” this wrong, that isn’t fair because it’s the Exalted Small that lost the Utility Slots not the Medium or the Large. I think there needs to be something done specifically for Exalted Small, like adding an Exit so it can fit 3 Utility just like it could before so no one feels cheated. I hope you can consider this suggestion, thank you for your time.


Yup i agree… no matter what the team says… only being able to use 2 utility in a ex small is just pointless. Like blazo said if i had know this before i would have bought 1 large or 2 mediums… not 3 smalls.

Pls fix ! Before market reacts heavily


Yeah agree with small exalted to be given one more additional exit. I do not own any exalted space but I do own mythic small and don’t mind the changes. Exalted holders are heavy investors and I feel it’s unjust for them.


So I think Blazo you’re being a little lenient here on the devs. It’s not just 1 of each that we lost.

1x exalted small - 8 slots
1x forge / armory 3 slots each
1 time warden 2 slots

so we lost the potential to connect 5 x time ward off 1 exalted small.

looking at this from a math perspective I can see why they limited the exalted small. In the current “exit” strategy using this new formula exalted small would far exceed an exalted large if you were able to have 5 time wardens of “any” rarity. I think the choice to allow any rarity is why they are limiting the exalted small to 2 exits only.

having said the above I think at the very least exalted smalls ‘should’ be able to connect “all” utilities so 3 exits would be a start.

Now Lets look at what can be done to improve. I like the idea of some kind of beneficial “convenience buff” (not p2w, pay to convene) from placing a utility into a higher value space. I want to add an additional thought to this idea.

why not place a buff for pairing a utility with the same type of space so a legendary forge in a legendary space might work better than a rare would. Still allow the idea of equal or greater too but allow someone who has matching pairs to be rewarded some how.

My next suggestion. Make the actual square footage (size) of the exalted much bigger than the size of a lesser rare. So it feels “exalted” when you walk inside. Allow more cosmetic decorations to be placed in them that far exceeds rare etc.

Just a few thoughts.

Again devs keep up the good spirits its hard to navigate these waters with out any waves.

– Morkai


Yea i hope they do something about this. Feeling poor for all exalted small buyers. I remember when people bought them a lot bc 3 of them or something had the same sockets as exalted large and it costed the same price.


We did buy knowing that we would be able to equip at least one of each utility nft (armory, forge, warden) in an exalted small and that our bases would be covered. At this point it was false advertisement. Moving forward, as long as we can easily swap out our utility nfts as needed I think it could still work out. Having an exalted warden, armory, and forge seems like a far off goal, especially using them all at the same time. It does concern me that I ordered a bus and prepaid for it then I get delivered a compact car in it’s place. But since we are refused the necessary info on Space during the “Ask Me Anything except for that question” to now make informed financial decisions, we are left to wait and see. You have to accept the Bill first to see what’s in it.

A willing COMPROMISE would be that connecting SPACEs do not take up a connecting slot for utility nft (warden, armory , forge). So that you would be able to connect 2 spaces to an exalted small (entrance and exit) and still be able to have two doors left for 2 utility nft rooms. To summarize, all space should have a connecting exit and entrance that do not interfere with the nft utility doors ( while maintaining the suggested number of utility doors).


I 100% agree Exalted small should have 3 exits/utilities. The catch though is devs will need to increase the exits/utilities of Medium and Large to not nerf their existence. Medium should go to 4-5 and Exalted to 6-7.

Also, the news that I can swap my utilities anytime is cool, but does not excuse this decision. I don’t want to swap my utilities. I bought a space to hold 3 so that my forges/armories/wardens investment have no downtime.

I don’t know how they planned the economy at this point, but in my head I don’t see how adding a couple doors to Exalted(s) will nerf anything. By my calculation they have nearly doubled the amount of exits to Rare spaces. Based on how many own Rare, this is probably the larger investor offense.

I get you can do all kinds of fancy decor in Exalted, but that is not why most of us bought the spaces we did. We bought them for their unique utility. Some bought them at the second sale price too! $6k for 2 exits or maybe only 1 exit in some situations.

I’m pretty tired of hearing they did it for the gamers. News flash - we are the gamers. The ones who own space and grinding are your product market fit. BigTime economy strategists you need to start surveying us for the love of God.

I have received 6 emails from Big Time Announcements. None. NONE had anything to do with BigTime. 1 Open Loot. 5 War Park. BT team, you need to be surveying your customers who want to see this project through. Stop surveying the whole community. Talk to your space holders who are playing. There are companies who dream of finding their core customers. Yours are right in front of you.


Yeah I think it is one or the other, not both. If connecting doesn’t cost you an exit then they need to reduce exits on all spaces to match what you could minimally fit on socket strategy.


I still cant beliive why Bigtime havent hired you as a Strategic/Content creator and planner. They need you so much…


This seems like the most logical solution. Thanks Thundarr, the fix could be:

Exalted Small: 3
Exalted Medium: 4
Exhalated Large: 6

I think that’s fair to Exalted Small owners and it buffs all of Exhalated in return which they said they wanted to do in the AMA. This is a win+win+win because it returns Exalted Small to what it was advertised as when we bought it (restores customer trust), it makes all Exalted Space better which is what they said they wanted to do in the AMA, and it gives the top customers more utility to buy in the upcoming utility sale. No losers here, makes sense to me.

Would there be any Backlash from other space owners on that change do you think? I am sure they have considered most of this already but I think it’s worth talking about. Thanks everyone for the contributions and keeping it positive and constructive. These are only suggestions at the end of the day =)


Hey, I have an exalted small myself and i can tell u it has been said in previuous space ama’s that higher rarity timekeeper or forges will need a higher amount of sockets to put on and since u did not know how much sockets these assets would’ve taken u dont know if ur space is less effective, all u know is that almost every other space is more effective i dont mind the changes it gives more value to people who only want to hold one space and thats what will build a economy different spaceholders having the need to interact from each other and not just a few people controlling whole market

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I can’t imagine other space holders being bent out of shape over this change specifically. I say this because I think the announcement to allow any FAT (Forge Armory Time Warden) rarity to any Space of equal or lesser rarity is actually the higher risk to the economy. A few more doors on the smallest supply of Space available in game is negligible compared to this IMO.

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The other reason why this shouldn’t cause offense to other space holders is it would be very little difference in the amount of utilities Exalted owners could have compared to the old socket model. My potential Exalted utilities are half of what they were 2 days ago.

If the goal was to reduce all Exalted space holders utilities by half to make the game better then explain why it’s better. I’m not a mathematician but this doesn’t hold water when they doubled and tripled others.

Thing about this…
Rare Mediums with sockets could only have 64,800 total utilities. Rare Mediums with Exits now can have 194,400 utilities. 3x!

Rare Larges with sockets could only have 14,400 Utilities.
Rare Larges with Exits now can have 36,000. 3x!


@Gator Totally agree, thanks for thinking that out, I love your suggested solutions.

@Thundarr I agree with you that other space holders would not be upset with this. I think it’s the best way to restore trust from the Exalted Small Owners. If I am not mistaken, I think the Exalted Small was the only space that “sold out” in the second space sale. It doesn’t make sense to lose the trust of your best customers and early investors, so I am confident they will do something to rectify this mistake.

Let’s hang in there and wait for an update on this, as it seemed like things were still very much “in the works” during the AMA. I am sure the team will do what is right and make the Exalted Small better in some way to compensate for what was lost. Making all Exalted Space Better does not solve the problem, it is the Small Exalted that needs a buff specifically because that’s the one that lost the Utility spots we thought we were buying under the Socket model.

Thanks again to everyone for your ideas on how to address this issue, I am sure the team will come to the best solution and make things right for us Exalted Small investors.

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100 percent agree
They need someone who knows math to redesign it,and we all recommend you as the person

Early investors are growing frustrated , they are down from the silly oversight of Bigtime diluting the market with the exalted sale. Exalted small owners are being ripped off for the many reasons shared in this very constructive and important thread. Bigtime mentioned in the AMA that it will benefit the overall gameplay with not having wasted slots based on users testing. I’m just curious, who’s the users? Who’s the testers ? Im more inclined to think it’s hindsight from a technical game development standpoint that force them to make the decision with ZERO real user testing. And let me remind you, EVERYONE BOUGHT SPACES BECAUSE OF SLOTS. No one gives a flying shit about exits, if we all knew we are going to spend our hard earn money on exits, you can forget about getting a single cent. I suggest the exits should be a inherent thing in any space, it shouldn’t be a necessity from a cost standpoint to connect utilities. It makes zero sense, in fact, it only reflects yet another poor decision from an amateurish team. Again, we are force to compromise our basic expectations base on unfulfilled advertised products. Bigtime, continue what you are doing and your going to be the biggest joke in this space with your current and future projects.

From an economic point of view, exits make a lot of sense… continuing to say they don’t says a lot about your ability to understand value, transfer of value, and in general just says very loudly that you arent thinking very hard… it is one thing to say… exalted small should have more… a completely other to say exits are stupid

Hey big head , stop talking . No one wants to hear from you.

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