Suggestion for in-game function

A guild function and a friendlist i believe would be really nice instead of having to be near players to invite them , also whisper needs to be added along with inspection of someones character to compare gear and sometimes take a hint of where to lean gear-wise with your character.

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Also a bank that you can save all your items without having to drop them to make room on your bags, and a group window search for party is a must have like this one for ex.

Another one should be the items sold by mistake , you should have a time frame where you could buy it back.

We don’t have a specific date but the Guild system and the Friends list are two features in their roadmap and we will see them implemented into the game soon or later :slight_smile:

Regarding the whisper to other players, didn’t see anything but I’m pretty sure that will be also implemented once the Chat tool is improved just a little :wink:

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For the bank, I hope they take the utility of inventory space seriously. I think a bank/vault that’s free to use for everyone would diminish the utility of bags quite a bit. (there should be NFT bags that have more inventory space than the current in-game bags)

I do think that an NFT drop that allows you to socket a bank/vault for 1 socket in your space would add a ton of utility and value to space and would make that NFT drop an item that has utility without giving anyone any extra power. They could mint 100K-300K of those of different rarity bank/vaults over the next 5 years and it would be a really awesome NFT to get from dungeons or the marketplace.

Although I think it’s good this game stays away from pay to win (I think they need more NFTs that give trivial bonuses, but that’s just me). I do think NFTs with utility or “convenience” are super important to add to the game over time. Base run speed, inventory spaced, bank/vault, etc. There is only a limited amount of things like this, so it’s important they capitalize on these without wasting them on free items/features everyone can get.



And for christ sake put an UNSTUCK button to the game .

And the camera needs to stay where it’s original distance is set , it’s really inconvenient to zoom in every fight, you lose so much vision around you.