Suggestion for in-game mechanics

I would like to suggest these features in-game.

  1. Each player will have their own personal vendroid (or maybe a pet?) for selling/trading in-game items to their space that we can also summon in-game for a limited time. It should have cosmetics too.

  2. A way to see other players’ profiles that displays the armor and weapon that they are wearing and their stats.

  3. A personal profile picture in-game so your avatar that your party will see is unique.

  4. An additional stats in weapons like +int to staff and +str to 2-handed swords etc. and also a way to upgrade those stats thru forging or something.

  5. Sockets to weapons/armor where-in you can put gems or something to it and it will have elemental damage/effect like +fire, +ice, and +lightning, etc.

  6. Return damage buff for time warriors. Something like 20% damage return from melee attacks, 10% from range/magic attacks, and 30% dmg return from mobs. (good for grinding and PVP)

  7. A backstab skill for shadow blade where he can target an enemy and instantly blink behind it and stab it. (good for grinding and PVP)

  8. Blink skill for chronomancer I think should be instant like ninja leap where-in it doesn’t need a casting time and doesn’t need to pause while sprinting. (good for grinding and PVP)

  9. A barter trade for in-game items where-in you can trade your gear for his sword or something so that people that don’t have enough gold or token will have a way to trade items to others so that you don’t need to drop items and risk it being picked up by anyone.

Thanks! I hope the devs will see this tho…

  1. I agree with to an extent. Could also make that vendorid an NFT that you could equip or something. Plus decorate that as well.

  2. I like this idea, would be pretty helpful. Stat comparison would be great.

3)Like this idea a lot as well.

  1. Very much agree and like this idea a lot.

6)TW is the tank for a reason so i do agree with this yet again you’re on fire with the suggestions.

  1. I agree this would almost be like tab targeting in a way?

  2. I agree

  3. Wish we just had an auction house tbh but that wont be added probably lol

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Thanks for the feedback bro… i dont know how would they incorporate #7 in game but i think they got the idea… i just tried to include ingame features from the games that i love and hope they will get considered…

I agree with #1 #3 #5. And i like the idea of #7

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