SUGGESTION: Move Watch Deletion to Timeline Manager

I’ve had this thought on my mind every time I’ve had to trash a watch. Right now It’s disgustingly easy to permanently delete your character by accidently selecting the wrong watch icon in your bag. Be it from someone not yet having their coffee, or simply having their carefully placed items reshuffled with the sorting tool.

The current setup is a giant unshielded red self-destruct button worn on your person. (Don’t fall down!) While the confirmation for trash deletion of soulbound watches is good, it’s not foolproof, as I’ve witnessed many users firsthand who cycle through every watch they have looking for the right one. (Which activates them all, making them soulbound). So the user learns to expect the confirmation dialogue later and would simply click past it without much thought…

…Only in this hypothetical, the user just vaporized their main watch on accident while they thought they were only clearing unwanted watches. (I wonder if any of the ‘wipe’ claims were really this in disguise)

Anywho, positing a possible clean solution to this:

Prohibit watches from being trashed from inventory (don’t show the on-hover icon for itemType watch), and move that handling to the timeline manager. where you can verify levels, and named timelines before you delete any (with confirmation there as well).

Long term, this should not be an issue for ‘having to delete 20 watches’, as the user would quickly learn that they’re not all worth picking up.


Great suggestion! Love it! :+1:

Simple solution that should be implemented ASAP. Good work

excellent idea, well done!

Amazing idea! This is a must.