Suggestion report 28/08/2202

  • Increase the stat given by 2h weapons. Mages are running 1h weapon and shield to get more stats and that doesn’t make any sense, While Time warriors with 2h weapons have fewer stats in STR possible than a tank running a 1h+shield.
  • Add a Vertical line to split the Subtrees and a text above each tree saying from which subtree it comes from to help players know from which subtree they are getting which skills.
  • Place another XP bar for the Rank level. atm the Rank level is hidden, players don’t know when they will level up. Also, add a Notification upon Rank Level Up.
  • Please change the way skill reset works. If we put points into a skill and then remove the Gear giving this ability, make it so it gets calculated in the skill reset feature. That way, players can get their points back even if the skill is not equipped on the watch at the moment. Many people are doing the mistake to add points to a skill, remove the gear and then cannot get their skill points back since they don’t remember in which skill they invested. Please make sure that exploits are not available by doing this change. For example, if I reset my skills, put back the gear and the skill still has points in it, reset again and get more points than I had before, thus gaining extra skill points out of thin air.
  • Please make it so the items received for exchanging 10 fragments are above lvl 15. Receiving a useless item LVL 1 at LVL 15 is a sad sight. There is no way a player LVL 1 has 10 fragments anyway. Also, make the item a rare minimum. that would add value to the exchange.
  • Please add a Hold R feature to make everything sharable, and shared with the party instantly. At the moment, players have to run around and loot at all items they have on the ground and press R to share everything, which gets very tiresome, really fast.
  • Please change the functionality of the Soul Syphon. Make it so that when everyone from the team is within the Area of the syphon, Enemies start spawning outside and run to attack the team into the Syphon. Baiting enemies into a syphon is not really fun and engaging. Thanks to review this feature.
  • Since all items are based on the tier for the stats they give, please make it so the LVL required to equip the item is 01, 11, 21, 31, 41,51 etc. A LVL 29 item is not necessarily better than a 21 since they are both considered Tier 3. (nulled due to the leek! but an idea nonetheless)

Feel free to comment about this down below! Thanks and take care!


Yes to this and fix the skill point reset feature!

Other ideas are good too but these 2 first asap