Suggestion: silver mega droprate damaged by 1/2 gaming time spent dealing with server errors

I respect the mechanism behind silver mega drop rates, I also respect we are in EAL and all errors are to be tolerated. However, has the team taken into consideration that we spend about half of our play time dealing with all sorts of server errors? i.e. the actual play time is halved, therefore the mega drop rate is also halved.

I’d like to suggest the team to consider making the mega drop rate more realistic for silver EAL in the final week

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you assume a perfect game was expected pre alpha = not perfect game and problems will persist… lets lose the entitlement attitude and figure out how to give helpful suggestions

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appreciate your comment, let’s keep the community positive and be constructive

Fair point Autumn and Kingperrin1 said he will be more positive and constructive in a post he made in General. Let’s kill them with kindness until they start replying to our forum threads! LOL


Hahahahhahahah yeah yeah, yeah yeah

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We are paying customers. Customers are expected to have entitlement based on the fact they have paid for something. No one would have bought an NFT pass if we just thought we were merely testing a game.
Just because something isn’t directly stated doesn’t mean it isn’t implied. When that trust is lost future Big Time games will struggle to get support.

Trust wasnt lost you were entitlted to early access you got it… stop whining and move on.

imo trust? yes… Have been lost mate and we’ll see the affect of that on global launch.
I just hope we’ll still have good players in here, despite the trust issues.
Just because if I were to tell you yoo man let’s buy a thing to just test the game- you would prob say * you I have a life or whatever.
As I’m thinking that the rng mechanics are completely *ed up, I guess this is the root cause of that because if they’ll come up with something else then I would think 200 times harder because I know now with whom I’m dealing with.
4sure there are people who got what the “promise” says but there are accounts that not- that thing will hurt in many areas just because of that

if everyone wins no one wins… gotta understand economics before you touch crypto wagmi never works ask russia and Venezuela.

I know that lmao… Ecosystem will always stay on guard but we’re talking about trust, not who wins

yes but this post is about gain… ie … how much drops they got … ie return… it is complaining that the price of an asset is the price of an asset

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Then it’s lack of understanding of market and crypto in general lol