SUGGESTION: timeline toggling/ gears overhaul

Having pocket watch char and timeline switching is quite a feature of this game, I would consider making it possible to toggle Your pocket watches when in heal zone with no health penalty and also disabling switching anywhere else in dungeon ( also not in potion healing tree). This would make gameplay more dynamic and also easier for new player to adjust to higher lvl dungeons ( more forgiving). I would also consider make it harder for runners to run by bigger monsters with good chance of stuning player who is willing to use strategy of taking fast / CC/ runner at the begining and then switch into AOE glass cannon to wipe agro near boss room after summoning whole party.

Also another penalty for runners would be missing on random loot spawns ( rare random mini bosses/ DMG checks or treasure goblins alike, but those are some additional concepts not getting into this now)

Another interesting mechanic which needs some sprinkles imo are gears. As much as I like idea of different rarities and different abilities, I do think that there is to a lot of mess with common abilities mixed into them and available for different classes. All in all its quite a chaos, most of higher tier players just don’t care about them and I do think I do have some propositions towards that:

  1. Make gears consist of 5 rarities:
  • common they only give You ANY Stats bonuses, 2 of any kinds in set range, higher than basic rings. but not too high. Common gears are interchangable between classes- their job is to make it faster for Your fresh pocket watches to get into mid tier gier couse of stats demands. Their are only for ealry tier games to faster grind into higher dungeons.

  • Uncommon - from here up every kind of gear is class specific - they give 2 class specific stats range bonus + 1 guaranteed ability which is working at deafult ( no skill needed) ( dash , leonidas kick , heal regen bonus, Energy regen , energy/ dmg / acceleration gate, cooldown reduction, and all those unnecessary common skills which noone puts skills into). The reason is to give uncommon meaning through mid game ( lvl 10-20 ) and make them viable decision to consider with epic / legendary armor

  • Rare - 2 class specific stats with higher range, 1 bonus no-skill needed ability , 1 ability TREE - its important not single ability , whole ability tree consisting of 3-6 abilities which needs skills to be used. Those are obviously class specific, and separated into 4 tiers i will write on that below

  • Epic - 2 specific stats again higher range , 1 RANDOM additional stat not class specific, 1 bonus no-skill ability , 1 ability tree. this gear is dedicated for 30-50 lvl players

  • Legendary- 2 specific stats highest range, 2 RANDOM additional stat not class specific, 1 bonus no- skill ability, 1 ability tree , special class specific ability dedicated only for 50 lvl + players ( kind of ULTIMATE) with skill demand scaling up towards 60 lvl.

  1. Stats range depends on the rest of gears You have on You. If You have 2 rares and one uncommon gear the stats range is considered flat with the lowest kind of gear. So stats bonus on rares will be within uncommon range. This should encourage people to grind toward higher lvl gears and get this excitment from finding rares/ epics and legendaries on mini bosses. There always should be upgrade but in smaller increments.

  2. You don;t have to invest skills into lower tier ability to get into higher one. Unlocking Ability trees are ONLY level dependent and there are 4 basic tiers 0-10 , 10-20 , 20-30 , 30-40 , and there is also special ability reserved for 50 lvl + players with legendary gear. This eliminates nonesens of being forced into investing and then feeling as wasted skill points on low tier abilities just to get into blizzard or fire wall … This also means that on every border lvl ( 11/ 21/31/41/51) would make people reset skill points and build their hero again , sink more in game money progresivly and have more fun with grinding in different way. Also it would make lvl pocket watches more valuable and would make time effort put into leveling more worth in marketplace allowing people to exchange their time for NFTs (as an example) in later stages of game. Also this would make impossible to make fresh pocket watch op with no effort put into it but based only on high rarity gears.

  3. Focus on making solid ability trees - make so they may overlap in some sick combos with another tree and be thematic toward class. Ensure to make leveling trees more rewerding not only -0,6 energy or 0.3 cooldown … every skill point must count towards making those abilities op at max lvl. Just try to make it hard choice to choose between them and so this will provide variability of choices.

Hope it is quite clear.
Willing to make this game as good as possible.

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I lost you along the way… Why so complicated?

Is it really ? Thought it will be quite well structured if You zoom out on the whole gameplay experience…
How do You find current state of gears unlocking ? what do You think when You see rare or epic gear ? are You excited ? I’m really not, just mehhh another one…