Suggestions and Bug Feedback

  1. audio settings don’t persist, ex. if I mute the music it will turn back on when I restart the game
  2. changing zones restarts audio - this makes 1&2 very annoying
  3. Being locked into animations prevents dodging - this makes combat feel very clunky
  4. The starter zone needs to be reworked, there’s no flow to it and you can easily find a dungeon before you find a trainer
  5. The mountain up to swamp/icy needs to be a road not a weird hill you jump over
  6. mobs that run sideways back and forth are annoying, not difficult to fight
  7. mob ranged attacks clip through hills
  8. health/mana should show on your skills screen
  9. when switching PW its weird to have the switch button all the way on the right and the choose on the left - bring them together
  10. the main stash being shared between your PW is a bit confusing
  11. the way stats are displayed on an item is confusing - for example if I find an item with better health but no dex I see an indicator of (-13 dex), you MUST show my character stats and how it affects them overall. Very hard to look at stats, look back at inventory etc.
  12. Combo attacks feel very clunky and there’s no tooltip to even understand what they do, for the most part all combo attacks feel like a waste of time except some AOE spinning ones
  13. All starter characters should do more damage, entering a 1-6 dungeon with starter gear is too hard, you have to whack a bug 50 times to kill it.
  14. Remove the fauna quest - its bugged sometimes and they kill themselves and its also pretty lame
  15. Consider a metroidvania style progression between zones, looking across the water to other areas is very exciting in a lot of games if you eventually unlock/find an item that allows you a new ability to traverse to a new area.
  16. DPS / Heal summary screen after you complete a dungeon
  17. Give a bonus to drops or spawn a chest when you complete a dungeon - its very anti-climatic to finish a mission
  18. Create a “join queue” option for dungeons which auto-groups you - this way people can just queue up for a dungeon and not have to assemble a team all over the map
  19. Lower the volume on shrines - it sounds like a bomb going off in my head
  20. Some dungeons get bugged with no way to complete them
  21. icons over the top of a dungeon make no sense
  22. Spawn rare dungeon portals
  23. more traps and complexity is needed in dungeons
  24. doubling up on gears/PW that add to the same skill should grant a bonus
  25. many skills seem cool except they only have 3 upgrades
  26. Many skill upgrades are worthless ex. -2s cooldown or -4.0 mana - worthless

More feedback to come - thanks for the hard work!


Greater Devolve:
Enemy Level -23 (works)
Slow 72% (works)
Max Health Decrease 75% (does NOT work)
enemy damage decrease (since level is lowered) does NOT work

Greater Devolve (Part II):
Lowering level does reduce enemy % to hit you
Casting a second time removed the debuff indicator
Duration is 46s, cooldown is 21s so you can infinitely debuff with it

Advanced Fire Tree:
Increase Ailment Chance - Fire: no description for any of the levels besides Level 1 (Fire Ailment Apply Chance: 100%:

It goes up to level 10 but there are no modifiers for raising it.