Suggestions report for 2022/08/13

Here’s my report for the suggestions discussed with the community in today’s stream! I wish you all a great time! Please comment below if you agree or disagree or whatever :smiley: have fun!

  • Please add a feature to drop items from the inventory with a button instead of a drag and drop plus conformation. For faster drop management
  • Please make it so that enemies 10 LVL above you are getting damaged for 0 damage. This would stop the LVL 10 players from cheesing end-game dungeons. Everyone would be forced to play within 10 LVL above them, maximum.
  • Please add a way to remove the “zooming” effect upon casting abilities like buffs and such. it makes me dizzy :smiley: Occurs on Rage and Unstoppable Shout on Time warrior so far.
  • Change the setting called Post Processing quality for Graphic Quality or something more evident. Some players don’t see it as the place to change the Quality of the game.
  • Add a way to Dash with an input toward the current direction of the ASDW inputs. A toggle mode in the settings could be implemented for these settings to activate this or not.
  • The input to switch weapons could benefit from an increase in Responsiveness. Currently, it’s really hard to switch weapons mid-fight. sometimes it even switches back to the current weapon.