Suggestions to improve the progression experience

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Problem you’re trying to solve
[Suggestions for improvements on Pocketwatch progress]

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
[Having to start from scratch every time we get a new pocketwatch feels discouraging. After a long grind, we want our progression to feel “Progressed” instead of feeling we’re starting over again. We love the fact that it is easy to switch between watches. However having to start from square one really takes the fun factor of progression and feeling stronger away.]

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Make progression in pocketwatches feel a bit less punishing. A new watch requires you to have to acquire new gear, start from level 0 with 0 skill points and 0 stat points. essentially starting from scratch.

Make it so that your rank is tied to your stat points, and your watch level tie into your skill points.

We get that there should be a type of consequence on your choice of progression and that there needs to be some sort of replayability especially during an early alpha. So although watches can continue to start at level 0 make the grind for it just be for skill points.

Have equipment and stat points be tied to your rank level so that starting over with a new pocketwatch doesn’t feel as discouraging because you’re a little stronger than how you started still providing the grind factor but not as punishing as how the game is now. This way we still keep our existing equipment so it doesn’t feel like your essentially starting over.

Anyhow this was a discussion I had with a group of friends who have thoroughly enjoyed our Bigtime experience and we picked a part a few things we think can improve the gameplay experience while also provide the replayability.

Anyhow Happy Gaming =)

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Hey @krazizen I love the post and I agree constantly restarting to level one with a new pocket watch and losing your gear/Skills/Stats doesn’t feel the best and could be improved.
I have discussed this with @Blazo extensively and we had the idea that when starting a new pocket watch you will receive an experience boost all the way up to your current Rank so lets say you have rank 21 and you start a new pocket watch you will receive DXP until the point of reaching level 21 with that pocket watch this would speed up the process of getting back to the point you were at before on your previous pocket watch.
There is also potential for people to sacrifice there old pocket watches as well as a large amount of gold to transfer a portion of the XP you gained from a previous pocket watch to your new one this would give people a use for those old pocket watches that players just destroy after they upgrade anyways.
I like your idea’s but I think level ones walking around with tier 6 level 50-60 gear would cause quite a few problems for scaling and replay ability when you just walk all over every mob on the way back up to the point you were consider that experience for other players who don’t have all that stuff and that high of a rank. A level one tier one pocket watch with no gear gets into a party with a tier 6 level 1 with full armor and gear that’s maxed with best stats just walks over the entire dungeon and the tier one ends up doing nothing having a terrible first experiences this is just a small example but like I said like the idea just might need some balancing.

Yeah no worries. I just didn’t think stats didn’t matter as much as the skill points. The worry I see about boosted XP and combining is that you’re constantly grinding up. When playing with friends the level of progression will not be the same as one will be earning more xp than the other causing a gap.

Althought stats does create sort of an OP experience towards the other. The progression is still the same. I for one know that most players getting into a game like this is always about getting towards the end game. While its true a random seeing a hard carry from someone through a dungeon may not give them the full experience. I think people would be more acceptable leveling alongside them rather than seeing their levels increase faster leaving them behind and possibly removed from group.

Bigtime is really more about engaging coop and most people in Bigtime are playing with their guilds, friends and possibly their twitch community. In most popular games streamers are always promoting carries and that’s what draws the crowd, what keeps them playing is being able to participate in the end game experience.

Another reason my friends and I came up with this solution, It caters to various types of players. You have to know in every MMO theres a divide in the community. Hardcore players and casuals.

Creating a progression system like this hopefully after the start of a wipe. People will want to rush to end game. Hardcore players will create competition for themselve to see who can grind to tier 7 first. Most will probably use just a common watch to get their faster. As opposed to a casual gamer who likes to switch between watches during their progression but know It would be a lot slower since the Rank XP scales smaller when starting a new watch however they can feel more powerful with a tier 3. Anyhow love the feedback and it’s discussions like these that will really have a positive impact for the game.

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