Super rare Enemy could make a bit excitement in the game

If there is an enemy like Liquid metal slime.
It appears much less encountering than other enemies, and run from the battlefield easily.
However, if players can defeat it. Get huge experience as bonus.

Also there is Crystal lizard in Dark souls.

Those enemies are one of spice for the excitement in the games.

If possible Put such enemy into the game.

Are there any other ideas to make the game exciting as spice?


This is definitely a good suggestion. I think someone said something similar to this earlier back in gold/silver Ive also discussed this with my guild.
Ive talked about something like a loot clockie that runs around the dungeon once u find it and you need to catch up to it and kill it before it disappears to get a burst of really nice loot. Almost like the chest reward at the end of the dungeon or giving a hoarder a stack of epic potions just a really satisfying loot explosion after having to chase down this clockie before it disappears while aggroing everything it runs past lol.
You can even take it one step further and make it like legendary loot clockies or any of the rarity table type could spawn and the higher rarity the harder it is to kill but the better the loots explosion if you kill it in-time is going to be they should still be really rare to spawn but with the added effect of rarity rankings so if you get a mythic loot clockie A the fact a loot clockie spawned at all was really lucky but the fact that a mythic loot clockie spawns is extremely rare and satisfying think of it as a second NFT moment in game but with loot rather then NFTs .