Taking more, giving less

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The mkst satisfying and biggest appeal for playing the game has been taken away. Ive talked to many people in the community of bigtime about what the most satisfying aspect of the game is… and it seems unanimous that a common thread that kept people excited to log in to bigtime to play are finding items and pocket watches. Items and pocket watches are not an incentive anymore, the vast majority of people in my guild have spoken and are ready to quit playing all together.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
Each time there was a hotfix or new patch, the things people enjoyed most about the game, forget about nfts because i actually dont care tok much even tho i have found and bought a fair share of nfts, is the treasure hunting for items and pocket watches.

Each patch or upgrade, or whipe or whatever you want to call it, items and pocket watches were either reset, or made more difficult to find or wear.

With this patch you may have went too far. The appeal of the game has dimmknished so much with the restrictions of items and watches that there is almost no incentive to play.

Think about how hyped people were when void 60 plus dungeons were around and we could all go and find t7 watches and items!!! There was hype and excitement in the community.

After this patch, no one in my guild wants to play at all anymore.

There is no more hype and you are losing community members.

We understand you want to balance the game and you say we are game testers, but we are not being compensated to be game testers. Any gold, silver, and jade pass holders spent good money and you have to realize our perspective… we just want to enjoy a game that a lot of us litteraly spent thousands of dollars on. The majority of people playing care mostly about accuiring items and watches and making their character, which they have been pouring their soul into, into these amazing high level op item wearing badasses.

Please remember people are emotional and we come to play games to relieve our stress and try and create a character that represents the badass super hero none of us can be in real life. If you take that away then no one will want to play, period. We feel cheeted out of our time and money and effort… we literally want to enjoy our characters and all the things we worked hard for… and you are making it too difficult.

Please make updates to the things we actually want. For one thing, we all still want a real boss room. We want the experience of fighting as a team to take down a boss that seems worthy of the hour long dungeon run that for the most part is monotimus and repetitive because we run back and fourth to complete objectives that dont make sense and feel like busy work.

Great job on the void and syphon dungeons, holy crap! Those dungeons are interactive, engaging and a work of art in my opinion… though they can seem too long and it is easy to get lost. If you are going to continue improving those types of dungeons please put a note, or make it obvious in the dungeon name that it will be a time consuming labyrinth. Perhaps even call them labyrinths!

Back to the point. We dont want to feel like it will take us years to feel like we have accomplished anything in the game, a game that isnt yet good enouph to warrent the kind of grind you have just introduced.

Please also remember riot games is coming out with their own mmorpg and if there is no real incentive to play bigtime, you may lose all your clientele to riots mmorpg.

Give us real bosses, priority! And give us a way to enjoy collecting our beloved items and pocket watches again please.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
An idea to grant us access to our beloved items and pocket watches could be special quests and boss rooms that unlock certian tiers of items and pocket watches.

Perhaps defeating a high level enemy or boss can activate certain items or watches.

Perhaps solving a difficult puzzle or challenege within a dungeon can give you a key to unlock higher level items.

Whatever you do, just remember you have hit a home run with pocket watches, gears, and items… we all love the uniqueness and creativity put into this aspect of the game, dont limit it too much or take jt away… right now its all bigtime really has going for it.

Also you need to give us a reason, a why to all this.

We need lore and fantasy and purpose.

Genshin impact, even though it is boring and repetitive still has an easy to understand reason and motivation behind playing the game. We play to find our twin sibling and help the people of tyvat in doing so… it is as simple as that, yet i still dont understand the purpose of bigtime… please fill us in.

The reason and purpose can be generic, but let the emotion behind it feel massive. To find our family, to fight for an injustice, to free good people, for freedom itself… there just needs to be an easily accessible back story that people can relate to with big emotions.

I mean, why do i need to get stronger???

Last suggestion, you can give us our items and watches back, but according to our rank we will do less damage in dungeons that are way above our rank or level…

Thank you bigtime, please continue to make the game better by listening to what the gamers actually want and identify with in your game.

Problem you’re trying to solve
How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel

Problem you’re trying to solve
How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel

Problem you’re trying to solve
How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel

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