Team needs to go through ALL skills and rework/tune a LOT of them


I have been ranking up a Quantum Fixer (lvl25 currently) and I am pretty sure I have unlocked all abilities the Fixer can have. I was experimenting with all the abilities and noticed there were quite a few that didnt make any sense, or just flat didnt work. A LOT of the stat boosters had little to no effect towards what it says it does. I believe they need to be looked over.

Secondly, a major thing I am seeing with fixer is there really is no variety in abilities. You might see a bunch of cool mechanics but there are only a few that actually work well. Medball, Chainheal, Accelerator Gate, Turret, Heal Drone, Healing Aura, and Healing Zone, all cool unique mechanics but what are you going to do with an ability that heals for 50 hp… even maxing all these out separately 150hp heal… I mean come on.

Gates… there is no reason for you to not let people have multiple buffs. It takes up ability slots, and gear slots… its not over powered just make it necessary. Accelerator gate… it literally lasts 2 seconds, you should change it to an increased attack speed gate.

Conclusion, I believe the team should seriously look through all the current abilities before the game goes live. Think League of Legends you just make everything op and it equalizes itself. GL.

The first 2 images were to show that Maxing out Light Heal is better than Superior Heal…which doesnt make sense, and Full Heal there is LITERALLY no reason for a 27,000 hp heal.

Quantum Fixer is very buggy I must say and it feels like a success of a skill is based on luck like the Aura- sometimes it works sometimes not, the attacks are off etc…