The bigtime house is on fire. And noone cares

The elephant in the room is the huge disappointment of the most important player base.

The true believers of BigTime have been the ones who paid up to 8K USD to be participating in an Early Access Programme, promising them “Insane” Droprates, exclusive NFTs, Land NFTs and much more.

What we did get? After playing daily for 8+ hours for weeks the result is … mediocre… to say the least. Droprates where minimal, especially for NFTs rarer than uncommon. The NFTs themselve are ugly and in no way attractive. Prices are super low and falling. Gameplay is repetitive and pure grind without any kind of complexity.

The bigtime house is on fire, the most important userbase, the part of the community willing and able to pay 4 digit USD amounts, are unhappy, even more so: they feel they have been taken advantage of and having been promised something that is not being delivered. At all.

Even worse: Bigtime is not adressing this issue in any way shape or form.

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I’ve been quite disappointed with the drop rates and especially the fact that as a silver pass holder, I haven’t been able to get NFTs any rarer than uncommon.

The game in its current state isn’t great, and there are some large fundamental problems, but this isn’t the finished product, this is early access and it’s more like a demo designed for EAL players to grind and get loot while the devs get feedback and perfect the game mechanics.

One of the biggest issues is with the dungeons. To keep things interesting, there will need to be far more varied gameplay than repeating the same 5 or 6 mission objectives such as “eliminate 5 fauna”, “collect 4 flowers” and “get to the boss room” in every dungeon. I’m hoping that on public launch there will be far more varied missions.

Remember the launch of No Man’s Sky? It left people bewildered but the devs kept working and eventually turned a poor game into a mediocre game, and eventually into a pretty good game.

I do feel the pain from early investors who have seen the prices and value of what they bought go down consistently over time. This is a result of low demand and a high supply. This problem should be solved come Full Release but there certainly are some things Big Time could do to ease the pain until then.

For Space the Demand is low because Space is not in the game yet, which is understandable. Also a lack of details on how Space will work, also understandable if they have not finalized the details yet.

For cosmetics the Demand is low because there is no reason to buy a Cosmetic that has the same look as a free item in the game. There is no “Flex”, no one even knows you are wearing a cosmetic, so what’s the point? I think a cosmetic system that had glows matching the rarity so we could instantly know someone is using an uncommon, rare, epic, or legendary cosmetic would have gone a long way in helping the demand side on the Cosmetics, even from a limited player base in Early Access.

With all that said, this is the time to accumulate Space and Cosmetics while the prices continue to trend down, having faith that the Big Time team will make Space awesome and they will fix the Cosmetics so that others know what rarity we are wearing and they don’t look like other free items in the game. Cosmetic overhaul is critical to the economy, so we have to believe that will come. Look at Fortnite skins, and then look at Big Time skins… not even close. We have to assume these cosmetics are just “place holders” until the overhaul is complete. It would be nice if they came out and said that in an official news post so we know for sure that Cosmetics will be identifiable by rarity and unique.


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In terms of drop rates in Silver EAL I have to agree with the overall dissatisfaction. I feel like this rate of drop is more what I would have expected in the Final Release.
I dread to think what the rate will be like after Silver EAL when it reduces further!