The hotfix is a mess and it takes away all of my desire to play the game

Here is my problem and I want to explain it and see if anyone else is experiencing the same feeling at this moment. I am a silver pass player, and I’m used to the way things been going since then. I appreciate the devs wish to make the game harder now, since ruby pass owners check in and Speedrun the endgame within a few hours after another wipe, but hear me out. Since last wipe I’ve been playing mostly up to 8-12 hours a day, got more that 20 NFT items in total on my ruby account, and also was “Speedrunning” the game to put on strongest pocket watches within a few hours, but hear me out: when I logged in after those balance changes I was confused a lot. Rank 35 isn’t that bad isn’t it? I can’t play this game 18 hours a day or don’t sleep to play it all of my free time, so after last wipe I only managed to get to this point until today. To begin with my pocket watch, uncommon tier 5 shadowblade now requires rank 41, and that is pretty much understandable. At the same time exalted tier 4 mage requires rank 31 which is ok too, but why tier 4 RARE shadowblade requires rank 36? Same tier as mage, much lower rarity but a difference of 4 ranks? For me it doesn’t make any sense, because those were the pocket watch I was going to start playing with from today, but now I have to start this game literally from very beginning or look for another tier 4 pocket watch, at the same time praying it has decent stats and fits my rank because even rare pocket watch might eventually not. As well as not every tier 4 uncommon item does. Now I have to spend another 20 hours or so to get myself new decent pocket watch and outfit, get it to at least level 20 for anywhere comfort gameplay and going through dungeons at an OK speed, leaving all of my precious stuff and pocket watch behind, being unable to rank up fast because with new pocket watch it’ll take eternity to rank up from 35 to 36 or 37 because you are forced to play low lvl dungeons now and receuve less exp, and even including NFT drops benefit, now I don’t really wanna start from almost very beginning and spend another 50+ hours to get myself anywhere close to the level of strength I was before at. My main complaint isn’t even about how much time it takes me now to recover (believe me it will take a lot), but because I know there will be more wipes on the roadmap - I’m absolutely out of any kind of desire to do it, so eventually play this game at all now after next wipe comes and everybody is going to spend the same amount of time (more than 10 hours a day actually) daily through more than 2 weeks to put on any tier 5 pocket watch now. The rank and level requirement are way too big now for the game that is going to have more and more wipes in the nearest future, you might call me a casual player but I’m not okay with that. I don’t really want to spend days and weeks now, so when I reach rank 41 and put on my tier 5 pocket watch back, I’ll see the announcement of another wipe and feeling that all these amounts of time were wasted pointlessly. I see this requirements pretry much fair enough for an MMO, but not for the one that is putting them in without a wipe and will have further wipes on its way out of pre alpha and so on. I guess I’m simply leaving this game now until next wipe and will be waiting for everybody to stat over for this situation not too feel that unfair, because the ones that had decent t5 watches and been playing for 12 hours per day every day and skipping sleepin at night are now able to keep their ranks high and pocket watches on, and I only lack 1 more rank now, still have to spend much more time playing low lvl dungeons to get from rank 35 to rank 36, while they can easily go from rank 43 to rank 45 at the same time cause they now have their watches on and able to get through high level dungeons now, at the same point I am not. Hope it’ll get better in the future but for now I feel frustrated a lot, because I want to feel just a little bit strong, at the same time don’t have an opportunity to play 18 hours per day. This requires too much time and can be easily erased at once by another upcoming wipe.


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