The most important question of SPACE

I would like to discuss an important issue.
spaces 600k. I play 24/7 and bought a pass for space. I sleep 4 hours a day. I play all the time. I didn’t get no one space.
why there are 600k spaces and they don’t drop out. 90% of players bought early access for the getting land (space). Soon the time of space holders, but there are practically none. only golds got space


same not got space…hope in Ruby we can got any spaces!!!


i got one, but is small rare space for silver pass((( hope we have chance for get it!


I played less but also no luck with spaces.


Multiple silver account did not give any spaces as well among more than 50 NFTs in total, thats kind of sad, i agree


It is because they are trying to protect the economy i guess… if they enable space drops people will just get them and sell them instantly driving the price even further. down. if space crash more the economy can get destroyed before even the game gets launched

Space isn’t guaranteed, and neither are NFTs for that matter. It is all RNG. Just before Ruby, I had someone message me being level 37 and no NFTs at all. That’s really bad luck. His entire party, who leveled together with him, all had 4-5+.

How much I play no one got space

1 month 24/7 im jade

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I was in Jade also. I have 4-5ish drops for a level 30 main. I didn’t get any space either.

I know people who did get space, I know space was dropping, it was just really rare.

I know that out of 1600 people from our guild, space loot is 1 person

here, most likely, people who already have spaces will be against my idea

hello to all me I only had a legendary small space
but I noticed that many people did not have space
for me and from my experience in bigtime
I have mounted more than 15 pocketwatch lvl 25 0 space
I have mounted 1 perso tier 6 lvl 42 I had a space in my opinion to have a space
find a nice tier 6 or 7 pocketwatch, level up to 40 and you’ll get a space
you want another pocketwatch space changer
good luck to everyone

i Started playing since Jade and reached 50 lvl/rank, haven’t got a single space drop and very low amount of NFT’s. Just one epic and few uncommon. Now I am playing after wipe, I am currently 34 rank and still not getting anything…

SPACE is dropping, I heard of one today while hanging out in a player group’s Discord during lunch… It is VERY VERY rare. I’ve been playing consistently since Jade and haven’t received one. It is all RNG.

Also, NFT drop rates are at NORMAL, not elevated like before in previous Gold/Silver/Jade EAL phases.

Closing this thread.

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