The Real Problem

While I appreciate and applaud the mechanic for the NFT drops. In that it really helps build a good game environment of teams playing at similar levels in raids that meet their level and therefore provide the most satisfying gameplay mechanism. This is going to be great during full release. There is a HUGE problem with Early Access…

When players have paid huge amounts of money to help beta test a game. Something I’ve never really heard of before. They should not be left guessing and trying to figure out the gameplay loop just to recover their investment. Especially when the available player amount is so low to create the perfect storm for NFT drops, on top of servers that keep breaking up well made teams. So when you finally figure out the magic to NFT you’re crippled by the whole concept of Early Access.

We are helping you make a better game and we have paid a lot to do that. Was earning back our money guaranteed? No. But will we be interested in helping again? No. We’ll just save our money and buy the NFT instead, making sure we get the most value that way. Then just play the game when it’s free.

You’re losing the trust of your mega fans.

This could easily be fixed by having some temporary increase or forced drop, not RNG, only during EA. To ensure players are not left disheartened. It’s too late now for Silver players, we’ve already been Jaded. However it’s not too late to make some form of gesture.


I don’t think people put enough value on learning how to play the game before full release, being able to master your class before anyone else, perfect your group play, learn how to beat dungeons efficiently, join a guild, make connections and friends to group with on full release. If you were only focused on getting a return on investment from your early access pass, I think you have the wrong mindset and are drastically under valuing the head start you will have when full release comes out.

To me the pass was education, and any NFTs I got were a bonus. I put a high value on the knowledge and friends I have made in my guild being able to play early before anyone else. I don’t think it is fair to discount that value. you are also looking at it in terms of the current market prices which are at an all time low. Hold your NFTs, you very may well recoup your investment if you are patient.



I definitely agree with most of what you said, especially the potential increase in NFT value. However I definitely feel that a large amount of trust has been lost and I will definitely be more inclined to save my money from a paid EAL pass and just win a Ruby to gain the game benefits.