The Value of all NFTS

I think a fairly simple solution to all the negative feedback could be pretty much solved with releasing more information on the value of all the NFTS. EAL player sentiment seems pretty low right now for pretty much the sole reason that they feel their time and money put into the game is not worth it (at this point). This pretty much stems from the fact that people are selling uncommon NFTS for next to nothing. If more information was released about how the nfts+ space will be used (such as needing multiple uncommons to upgrade to rare and so on) this will increase the perceived value of all nfts and therefore will increase the prices- so that when someone does come across an uncommon they won’t feel like they just put in 8 hours for $5 but rather something more valuable for crafting or whatnot …im sure the team has ideas on this but if the goal is to appease the EAL community, I think this is a pretty easy way to improve sentiment pretty quickly.


We’re waiting for this info as one of the most important ones. I personally don’t expect this to come before the EAL ends. Would be great but let’s be realistic, this team loves secrets and keep info with them until the last minute :wink:

Mmmm agree do disagree… Those who are giving values to those things are the people, more accurately the community.
About the prices themselves I don’t blame the company, I blame the people who are giving this low value just to get that “validation” of earning something + like you know maybe for me & you 10$ worth no shiet, but there are people that those 10$ worth something big to them.
That said… It’s about the community, in order for that to work properly and giving an earning possibility to everyone- the community should be on point, people should learn how the market is working and ppl need to learn how to control their goddamn feelings, stress and rushiness.

Pretty sceptic about that because from what I see so far ppl just don’t give a damn… They will dump the value as low as they can go just to say “yoooo I’ve earned something by playing a video game” which we can call that egoism of course, but I think it’s coming from lack of understanding.
If you think about that for a sec… Currently there’s not that much big of a value to NFTs just because the game isn’t out yet and no one will want to buy NFTs, maybe later down the line there will be an urge to buy it, but of the market is full AF… People just will think and know that cosmetics have no value because there are too many in the market since day 1.
Want an example? Look at what’s going on in Mir4 game… This is a real example of how players themselves just destroying this whole idea