Think! If there is no NFTs and Token. Is this game really fun?

At first, I’m not FUDDING.
I just wanna make the Big Time great fun game to attract Web2 users.
I know this is ALPHA stage. But there is not much time till Official launch around this August.
My concern is game play experience during Dungeon also the field. If there is NO NFT, I won’t play this for longtime because no so fun.

  • Solo game play is boring. Feeling like just running the stage.

  • Because of the Procedural system, and not enough map parts to make the dungeon different experience. Feeling always running same dungeon, even in the different Biome. Forest field and Sand stage almost same, just texture is different.

  • Outside of Dungeon the enemies are just ICON of the dungeon not proper enemies.

  • I like the combination of direct attacks. But now almost users don’t use it because just the rolling attack (Dash + attack) is much stronger than combination attack also faster. So everyone just rolling around the enemies.

  • Might need Create unique character face system at the beginning, or at least some different faces.

This is my feeling right now. Also below. Which I posted at Discord. Hope We can discuss about the game experience to make the game more FUN.

  • My concern is when you play the game by Solo. The dungeon is almost empty, because of less enemies. Almost just running game in dungeon and it’s totally not fun.

Devs said they will attract Web2 gamers. But if they didn’t change the solo game experience better.
Web2 people will stop playing the game before they play with party.

Web2 gamers might think Solo game play is everything.
They don’t use Discord or telegram to ask how to play it. Unless the game is FUN.
I think Web2 users just play without any knowledge and not so interested in getting NFTs. So if the solo game experience isn’t good, this game won’t be the major game.

I play this game because I might get NFTs. My greediness just make me play the game that’s all.
If there is no NFT or token. I can not play it such long time. I know this is Alpha but official launch might be in August.

There is not much time to change the game play experience.


Tbh… I don’t think it’s a solo game or near that so it’s like why you’re trying to force something with different perspectives?
It’s been said from the start… Team up with friends and go on for an adventure you knew where you’re going + I do remember something about time that you’ll be able to play only a certain amount a day or something like that- that makes it so you would try to find a group to play with just because you don’t have now 24/7 time to play so you would not think about soloing, you would think about team up with friends and have the most fun.

I’ll give you make take on NFT/P2E and all that jazz… Do with it what you want and honestly I don’t think it’s that important of a read.
Look, I’m not a gamer!
Last time I played a game was 10 years ago, I played stuff like flyff (mmorpg), MU etc… as a solo player. I stopped playing games because well life got in the way+ sometimes you get to a realization that you actually burned out the time (let’s say a year or two) and nothing is coming back in return (well where’s the karma then? Right?), then not too long ago I figured out this crypto & p2e genre where your time that you putting in is actually get back to you whether that be through owning in game assets that you’ve grind for, holding certain tokens, other mechanics and such…
That was the point where I’m like wait… Why only now? Wasn’t that obvious?! .
Now it’s funny to me because it’s not the first time I hear this opinion, especially gamers like to say that:
“if the game isn’t on like a certain certain level then F the game, we won’t play it because it’s no good, we will stay for the assets and then move on back to traditional games just because it’s in that boom bosh smooth high quality game, we don’t care about money phhhh we’re not doing it as a work”
Okay well high quality games doesn’t have stupid problems? Or you guys just trying to neglect that?
You even say that you’re here only to grind out nfts instead of maybe taking another approach or even let’s say support the future.
If you guys think that crypto and p2e games are here for a short time then save this message and let’s meet 10yrs from now… Pretty sure there will be crypto in every aspect of our lives and if not that I’m just a no one silly simple that expresses his opinion like everybody does.

In that line the game is great, not near polished or beautiful. But the core mechanics are pretty cool and I do feel like it’s going to be a fun experience if right decisions will be made.
I don’t think this game is for solos or whatever, more of a community/social like game so I do think that making a thing a round it where you can optimize the experience for people to get to know each other better and faster might be a good idea.

All good buddy, get your point and not getting it at the same time, feels to me like you put too much pressure on yourself mate, you let’s say did it already you ‘paid the money’ then maybe try to enjoy it by meeting new people and actually have some fun.


Thank you for the reply!
It’s fun to read other comment.

I’m already in crypto for 6 years now. And not feeling any stress in crypto and P2E staff including BigTime.

Anyway, I just think why not take both co-op and solo? Not only co-op. I know what’s they said before like team up staffs.

You are already invested in crypto. So you know what the crypto is. That’s why you are interested in This from the investment perspective too.

This game isn’t on mobile and consoles. Also needs better graphic card to play on PC. So normally target will be web2 PC gamers who doesn’t know about crypto.

I didn’t say anything about high quality games and graphics. I just said when we play the game by solo, the dungeon is so empty compared with party play.

If the solo game experience get better people can enjoy both. It’s good isn’t it?


I think the game should be more fun for the solo player as well. Groups are great, but the solo player should have fun as well. I did hear talk about AI team mates possible in the future. Not sure if that’s for real. I have learned that teaming up is more fun but its not always easy to team up for me. I would suggest BIG TIME spending some thought on how a solo player is handled in an adventure, and not just push that you should be in a team. Would be great if both experiences were fun for the player.


I played dragon nest RPG online more than 5years ago. I don’t know whether anyone heard about that
It’s exactly the same style as this game.
The server was smooth. Game was fun and has different stories, but can’t trade for sure
You can see that similar game already 5-10 years ago. Compare to that, Bigtime is still far away from Dragon Nest.


Why one of the two? There’s no conflict between optimizing the single-player experience and focusing on teamwork, is there? We can have them all!


I think this game is already super fun even without NFTs. I love grouping up with a team in the guild and getting on Discord Chat to run dungeons around our level. I think it’s fun to upgrade gear and work as a team to defeat the dungeon as fast as possible without dying or wiping. Of course more content would make it more fun, but they have a fun game, even without NFTs. If you want to solo play, then U understand it may not be very fun and this may not be the game for you. This is a group content type game. Try joining a guild and doing a group run on Discord Voice chat, you WILL have fun!



I don’t think it’s so much fun right now due to the repetitiveness and some other fundamental problems holding it back. It has potential to be a really fun game with the right updates. One of the biggest problems is the lack of variety in the gameplay; doing the same mission objectives over and over again in every dungeon gets old real fast…collect 4 flowers…kill 5 fauna…get to the boss room. I’m hoping this is only for early access and there is going to be more dynamic, varied gameplay on public launch.


I also agree that the biomes all seem basically the same with a different paint job. They need to make biomes feel different from each other, by making each biome have its own unique enemy types and other environmental hazards, and NFTs or other items that are exclusive to certain biomes.


i spend more time finding a group and then waiting for my group to join a dungeon than i spend on playing!!!
BigTime NEEEEDS solo content


i dont think this game is a solo game. i like partying up and meeting new people. a lot of web2 gamers do have discord or friends to play with. so dont think they will have any problem.
the game? great but needs more content. it gets boring after a while. i also feel the same,like forced some times. the server also needs a lot of improvements.
but the game is in pre alpha anyways,and i think this is good for a pre alpha.
lets see what they add in the future…



Well assuming you had to play any game 10 years and the type of games you played which were really mediocre to bad games i think you have alot of things to catch up. Why i say that ?

Because Bigtime tries to appeal to traditional gamers and not only to crypto/investors kind of gamers. If Bigtime is NOT near to a decent game that traditional gamer wants to play despite its P2E aspect then we have a problem because what will make SPACE and NFTs really valuable is the amount of players willing to play and keep playing the game.

With that in mind game might be okish and yes some AAA traditional games had their problems here and there but we are not there yet to appeal to traditional gamers and see a huge impact. Now add to that the competition we getting in both gaming worlds ( traditional/crypto gaming ) and we better be ready on release.

Game looks fine and its whole concept but there are alot of areas need improvement and even more to be added imo. For example you say this is more of a community/social kind of game. Wouldnt be awesome to see some great guild events , open world bosses, hard raids that need more coordination than usual etc ?

At this point its up to the team and we better express our concerns or criticism to make the game better later on because once this game release theres no turning back.


Is the game fun without the NFT’s well in short terms yes Big Time is not just a NFT project its a true fleshed out game with years of development and years of content in the works. As of right now the game is a bit skin and bones with very little to do other then level/Grind NFTs so I understand why you would bring this topic up but if we look past the NFT’s and see the core game play and look at the potential of Big Time as a hole the picture becomes a lot clearer. The team is making a community game where you can enjoy yourself with friends and guilds and peers alike all working to the same goal that is why the game is designed how it is everything they have made was to promote team gameplay rather then a game where you can solo grind all the time just to make money this game is not about the money. Did we pay to get EAL yeah we did and that came with the added Benefit of Increased drop rates of NFT’s not the core game mechanic, for me the fact that we got the chance to play this early and perfect our class understand the systems in place and to see the game before official release was why I bought my pass and seeing the game I am extremely excited for the future and the potential of the this game so keep in mind we are early investors/adaptors there is always ups and downs just need to trust that the Team knows what there doing because with as much experience as they have they do know what there doing !! :smiley:


I understand where you are coming from.

I agree, the alpha can get repetitive after a while, but the global launch will have 5 years worth of playable content. The team has mentioned there will be tons of new worlds that adds different variety of gameplay to the game.

It is a solid team, and they can build a solid game, so I trust them on this.