This Rumor Is Spreading, But we don't know if this is official news

Hello, sorry I won’t use the template for this one because its not really about it, so anyways hey mods/devs There is a Rumor that is really spreading through players but we don’t really know if this is official, the rumor that, the Joystick Team said that Buck said something on live or post or idk, and they said that buck said that there will be a reset for players on thursday, like wipe account again because there’s alot of bug and they said that they will make the game more harder, than usual. we’re very confused with this because there is no official announcement on big time, so we’re not really sure about it, but they said this is official because its said from buck.

Devs Help us answer with this, this rumor is going crazy really fast

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i dont remember buck saying this so probably a rumor. however buck will say something about this tonight(for me) so stay tuned.

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There will be a reset and most likely THursday, Buck even told, that we may spread the word, so we reach out to as many ppl as possible :slight_smile:

The new patch has huge changes to the game and items, which i think is the main reason for another reset, since you wont be able to use any of the items your character now uses :slight_smile:

Hey, there is a patch coming. I’m working on the announcement now.


i know and waiting with excitement