Thoughts on Ruby 2.0 Hotfix and Suggestions

I took the time to write a medium article on this and since I can’t just copy and paste the article link, I will just copy and paste the article.

In a world where attention spans are short (even shorter in WEB3) BigTime is in the spotlight of WEB3 games. BigTime has set a high bar for games in these early days of WEB3 gaming. The game is still in the early Alpha stage however the early game access game play and content is some of the best I have seen for this stage. This game has gamers salivating for more content. From what I have seen, the team behind this game is not only committed to making this game a top title, but they also have some of the best people driving the development of the game. One of those people is Buck. If you don’t know who Buck is, it is only because you are either new to BigTime or you haven’t joined the community. Buck is the “Master Community Builder” bring his years of gaming experience and development along with his “#BuckLuck” to help translate the voice and opinions of the BigTime community and build help build the best MMORPG on the market.

There was a recent hotfix that took place with many updates and no reset. The most noticeable fixes were the ones that tied to people no longer being able to use pocket watches, gears, or gear if they didn’t meet the rank/level requirement. How has this changed things? Well… For starters players who were using higher tier pocket watches, higher-level gears, and higher-level gear but weren’t a high enough rank or level can not currently use those items. What does that mean? In most cases people will have to do a personal reset and start with pocket watches that are rank appropriate as well as gears and gear that are level appropriate.

After testing out the updates and getting feedback from multiple players (new and experienced) here are some suggestions that I am making to tweak the changes a little more to better things for the future.

Keep in mind that I don’t know the exact plans on potential future leveling and pocket watch progression changes, but here are my thoughts.

  1. If current rank/level requirements for pocket watches, gears, and gear aren’t changed, then implement some sort of vendor trading system that allows you to boost up the level on your new pocket watch.
  • Maybe trading artifact fragments or some other item with a vendor for a chance to level up your pocket watch.

  • Keyword in the previous sentence is chance. The lower the level of your pocket watch, the higher success rate of the attempted boost. (Maybe even include another item that boosts success rate)

  • Boost would cap out at rank of player.

  1. Allow players to wear common gear if they meet the stat requirements.
  • At minimal this would be a good idea for the first 10 levels. (Leveling up a new pocket watch and being partially naked until level 10ish isn’t the ideal way to progress.)

  • Maybe even expand this to uncommon items.

  1. Allow players to pick up or equip bags if they meet the stat requirements.
  • Hitting level 15 and not being lucky enough to get more than a level 1 bag because either bags aren’t dropping enough for your character, or the requirements of the bag are level capped in a dungeon for your level is not ideal.

  • If requirements stay in place, allow players to pick up bags so that they can equip them when they fulfill requirements.

  1. Change requirements on gears.
  • Maybe make the requirements like pocket watches.

  • Add a feature like the one suggested above for boosting pocket watches to decrease the level requirements. (This would only be for those that have leveled up a pocket watch to at least that level of the gear and now want to use those gears on another pocket watch)

Suggestion to improve dungeon experience with or without a party.

  1. For those that want to solo content, a feature that allows the user to not accept other people in their instance should be added.

  2. If a person jumps into a dungeon that is in progress, allow the new party member to join the party so that EXP and items can be received by all.

  3. When entering a dungeon in progress have the option to join a current session in progress or start a new session.

Thank you for those that took the time to read this article and thank you to Buck and the BigTime team for your continued work around the clock to provide the best game and user experience possible. Feel free to comment on the article or reach out to me on Twitter @awo211 if you have any comments or questions.


Please use the feedback format given next time but it looks like we are on the same page. I think it’s fair to say everyone would like an EXP Transfer Pocket Watch Vendor where you put the old Pocket Watch in the left slot, the new Pocket Watch of the same class in the right slot, and then click Upgrade and it burns the old one and transfers 80% of the experience to the new one.

If you have the time, would you mind reading through this list of things we want done in the next patch to make Big Time fun again:

I would love your feedback/support on those changes. Thanks for posting this.

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