Three suggestions about open market

  1. Don’t reset the filter when finish a purchase
    Now, we must set the filter again when finish a purchase. It is a lots of duplicate work when someone need to buy many items at the same time. So I have this suggestion.

  2. Add a filter that search item by a custom word
    For example, if someone search “small” , then all the NFT names contained “small” will appear, all the NFT names not contained “small” will not appear.

  3. Shopping cart function
    Now, we only can buy one item at a time. If we add a shopping cart funtion, we can add items to our shopping cart. Then when purchasing, we can buy all the items in the shopping cart at a time. Of course, if some items in the shopping cart is failed of purchasing, we should notice the user.


One other thing to go along with that. I would love to be able to see how many of a certain NFT are actually floating around. Not sure if this is possible or wanted to be implemented. I also would love to be able to sort by its rarity to just see all the uncommons or all the epics.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve noted it.

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