Time Warrior Lord-Rage-Unstopable

I have a problem with Time Warrior build = Rage + Unstopable + Lord. As a healer I feel totally useless, with this build he solo the dungeons, doesn’t even need any healing. Time Warrior seems to be too OP character and needs to be nerfed.

I think the nerf to Time Warrior Whirlwind was already a huge nerf. Time Warriors should be the best tanks and if any more nerfs here it may be too much. Possibly some tweaking to those skills but nothing like the nerf to Whirlwind. Every class is pretty strong at this point, we don’t want to get in a nerf war and have the most fun abilities killed for all the classes.

Unstoppable shout was recently already nerfed so it won’t keep them alive against mobs above their level. Also there are naturally going to be classes that are better at soloing than others and I think that’s ok. Quantum Fixer is strong and if you use turrets (which now may be too strong) you can solo as well.



Well I was playing in Silver pass time, so I did not know that its nerfed already. Never seen such news in update list

Whirlwind change was in the patch notes.

Whirlwind functionality and balance has been tuned significantly

Buck, thanks for answer but I do not care about Whirlwind… this is not what I have mentioned mate :slight_smile:

Have you played warrior at all gentleben? It has been nerfed so hard for ruby that not many people want to play it anymore lol

You also need the correct skills and be playing low level content in ruby to be “tanky”, any higher lvl content you need plenty of healing. The warrior doesn’t need to be nerfed anymore.


I did not play it on Ruby but as I said I could not see any changes to skills that I ve mentioned. That is why I opened that topic and I still do not have right answer for that :smiley:

I’m going to nerf you @Beauchango ! :japanese_ogre:

Please say it ain’t so! :smiling_face_with_tear::melting_face::wink:

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