Time Warrior Taunt NEEDS TO BE ADJUSTED please :)

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Problem you’re trying to solve
The issue I’m finding is the TW taunt skill has a very small AoE and isn’t pulling mobs to TW the way it should IMO. After the taunt buff wears off the mobs further away just lose interest and give up trying to chase the TW which I think shouldn’t be the case.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I was testing solo in dungeons to get a good feel of how the taunt is really working and feel it doesn’t give the control “Tanks” need to actually tank. Enemies lose interest if you get more than maybe 50m away where a QF healing aura doesn’t lose the enemies attention and actually allows for pulling mobs to mission objectives.

I have ran 3 souls missions and each time is a pain because I can barely move away from the enemies without losing aggro (while SOLO), it’s fair that we shouldn’t be able to train an entire dungeon of enemies across the dungeon but it shouldn’t be this bad. Pulling 6 mobs 3-500m to a soul drain took me half the lotted time.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

  • Increase the Taunt AoE
  • Increase the Taunt Enemy Attention stat, lvl 2 gives -11,000 and still doesn’t feel like enough (QF healing aura adds -11200 and it’s ALWAYS active
  • Increase the Time warriors Enemy Attention stat, base starting stat is 0 for TW’s (with no taunt it makes you almost invisible to enemies if you run further than maybe 50m from them)

Clip of bugs not caring about my presence lol

I am pretty sure the team is aware of the taunt issue for Time Warriors. Thanks for detailing this out so well. Hopefully Time Warriors are the master of taunt soon!

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