Timewarden, Forge and Armory

It’s been heard at Ama like BT isn’t sure if they do a sale for Timewarden, Forge and Armory. I see the clear need for it. The mystery boxes for timewarden are currently far too expensive. The 3500 supply will clearly not be enough.

Why doesn’t BT sell Timewarden, Forge and armory which are status uncommon like a “stablecoin” with a fixed price. So every spaceholder can first use the utility if he buys an uncommon. With spaces and other substances from the game, you can upgrade the Timewarden and co than to a higher rarity. If a timewarden is higher rarity, he can then for example, create hourglasses much faster or forge better cosmetics than the uncommon. This would give space another new utility + the community wouldn’t be angry that they don’t have timewarden, forge or armory.(The Armory, timewarden and forge from the Mystery Boxes can then have additional utility so that the Goldpass holders are not angry).

In particular, Bigtime said that the more space you have, the more fun it becomes. But if you have 20 spaces, you want to use them at same time. With the current supply of Mystery boxes, however, this is impossible for one without investing 40,000€. I’m really scratching my head a bit about this. I’m worried that i can’t use my 20 spaces at the same time and they’re just lying around because i have only 1 Forge or 1 Armory. In the Medium of Bigtime said: “SPACE allows players to join the Big Time in-game creator economy”. With the current information this is not true as we need Timewarden, Forge and Armory to participate. The fact is that the current number of Timewarden and co is far too few and I fear that the community will be extremely angry as soon as they realize this and will sell the spaces.

How does the community see it and what does Bigtime say about it?

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So from my understanding of what I heard at least for the Timewarden’s mystery boxes there will be a roll so either Rare, epic etc will come out. Im guessing that the forge and armory are going to be the same. My best guess is that everyone will get a Timewarden as a quest early in the game once it launches. Brobably from Einstein . Since it will be needed to do some stuff within the game. Im guessing they are going to do that same for the Forge and Armory because I would be upset if I don’t have access to those without paying. Have to also remeber they are going to be coming out with more stuff that you can use in your space so Timewarden, Forge and Armory wont be the only things that will use space. Space will also be able to be rented out so people who don’t have any can use it. I’m sure more will come out after time. But having this rare ones make them more valuable and for those who did spend the money get more from it.

Now most of this is from what I have heard and is speculation so nothing is set in stone.

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From the official Big Time medium article:

“Time Wardens are summoned into SPACE and may be purchased in-game or through the Marketplace.”

Not sure what purchased “in-game” means, but stay tuned for an update from Big Time to clear this up. Mystery Box has made people think they will only be available in the Marketplace but this is not true according to the medium article.



hello why not assign the mystery boxes on the passes that have not been burned
example remaining gold pass ensures 3 boxes
silver 2 boxes
jade 1 box
this could upgrade the passes that are no longer worth anything in the secondary market