To all Solo Players

Isn’t it tiring to always have to keep on looking for party groups each day so that you can have a good dungeon run with a good drop rate?

In addition to that, we also need to find people on the same level as ours for that good drop rate to happen.

At this point the drop rate IS good enough AS LONG AS you are able to group up with a party of 6 within the same level range.

I hope Big Time can create a function where in we can “queue in to look for a group within the same level range” and automatically group us as a party or better yet maybe have dungeon queus where in when ported in to a dungeon there is a group of 6 players already.

This might help everyone farming NFTs and and levelling too.

Just posting this topic for all my solo player homies who want to express their opinion on their experiences as a solo player.

Please comment on this topic if any of you have comments, suggestion and violen reactions on the subject matter. I would love to hear your experiences

Happy grinding everyone!


Yes it has been abysmal and frustrating at times trying to get a party of 6 together for dungeon crawls. Often times I have to change servers because there isn’t enough players around watertown to match with when I log into the game. It would be much more simple and easy if there was just one server that all players were using. Then you finally get a party of 6 people together and you get separated because there are server crashes, connection issues and other strange mishappenings.

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Yes, there needs to be an automated group making feature in the game. Enter the que, and it will match you up with other players around your level looking for a group. It would be good to match people across all regions, and then when the group is filled, it spits out the region with the lowest collective ping across all group members. Everyone joins that region and bam, full group! This is a must.