Too much running in cleared areas

Problem you’re trying to solve
There’s too much running in already cleared areas. In patch v022 players complained about running for 30 sec. Now in patch v0.23 we can run (an do nothing while running) in minutes it kills the fun. Game would be so increadibly much better if we could get rid of this boring running back and forth. (I wanna add otherwise amazing work from development team in this patch)

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
It kills the fun to just running for minutes in large maps

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
I can only see two solutions:

First solution add portals in the end of sideroutes that takes you to the “beginning/entrance” of the side route.

Second solution: More or less no sideroutes just follow one path forward ( or very short sideroutes)


Wanna add that in forums, “ingame chat” pratically everyvhere I hear other players also complaining at this. It was already an issue v022 now in v023 its much worse. This is sad since so much other great improvements in v023 which kinda dont matter because this insane running for minutes kills the fun.

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I see it like you and Ingame people say the same thing… It’s extremely annoying and messes up the playing atmosphere. The dungeons should be much smaller and the mission objectives in the dungeon should be on a path. Sometimes you run back 1200meters again to kill 2-3 mobs because the mission requires it. It would be much better to complete the mission in one go. Therefore, you actually walk more than you fight and the dungeons are unnecessarily lengthened.


Hey @Cryptogaming, thanks for the feedback! This is something the team is currently working on!

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