Top 5 QoL Improvements after 50 Hours of Playing (DO THIS!)

QoL Improvements & Related Feedback

  1. Enemy health bars should be visible from slightly further away, specifically mini-boss mobs and/or mobs with multiple HP bars. I should not have to risk suicide to just to see if I can rend a mobs HP bar.

  2. You must absolutely include a screen where the player can view all their total stat numbers in real-time based on gear, skills, buffs, etc., with the goal of increasing overall CLARITY of all current systems in the game (e.g. see #3). I should be able to quickly navigate to a screen that tells me exactly how much cooldown reduction I have, how much movement speed I have, etc. Trying to stuff it into random skills tree descriptions or having it be scattered around is clunky and extremely confusing.

  3. The descriptions of many skills trees are vague, confusing, or completely empty. Putting something like “Increases dodge” with no context or numbers is completely useless, especially in the absence of point #2.

  4. Improve the clarity of buff/debuff indicators. Make them bigger, and/or move them to near the action bar, and/or make them hoverable with a pop-up so you can read what is actually happening to you.

  5. It feels like there is very little space on the action bar and you should be able to bind at least 3 more skills at once if not more. Especially when you have implemented many combat-oriented consumables that you want the player to use.