Totally require sorting/filtering options for our personal NFT storage

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while…. I think The Devs should add the ability to sort and filter out NFT’s in our “Items to Sell” tab!!!

It’s a huge pain going through lots of NFT’s to determine how many you have of a certain type, rarity, spaces…etc.

The filtering options in the marketplace would work just fine for the time being. I would like to be able to sort by weapon and then filter type of weapon and rarity as well


Yeah, this makes sense. I have a ton of NFTs and would love filters. Can you be specific about the filters you would want? I will think it out as well.



For filters I’d want every rarity(uncommon, rare etc.), each weapon type(2h hammer, 1h sword etc. ), space sizes, mystery boxes, armour pieces(arms, legs etc. )


good idea, be nice to be able to equip NFTs to watches from the website as well, and when we change watches the nfts stay with that watch