Town Portal Griefing

The town portal while a nice addition needs tuning, and quickly.

Portal griefing around Time Tears is now a major problem.

The aftermath of a Time Tear griefing incident.

The portals do not despawn, and often result in players who intended to use the Time Tear portal instead getting shot back to Water Town, wasting everyone’s time, summons, and possibly missing out on a limited time availability Time Tear.

Possible workarounds:

  1. No portal spawn - Present player instead with a UI dialog confirmation to warp back to town (resolves other accidental use issues)
  2. Keep portal - Still present player with UI dialog confirmation to warp back to town (resolves other accidental use issues)
  3. Keep implementation unchanged but add spawn placement checking code to ensure there are minimum distances from entities like Time Tears, Vendroids, and other NPCs (can also factor in 1 and/or 2)

Regardless of handling route, the portals all need timeouts to despawn as well. 30-120 seconds would be sufficient. Enabling cooldowns on use would also be wise. perhaps 15-60s as well.

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100% unusable.

Trapping players spawning in

DoSing Vendroids

How on earth are we going to buy stuff? This is such a terrible implementation.

FIX this Devs!!! Put a 30sec despawn timer on the damn town portals…. And then add a portal potion to icy town lol

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This issue is already a chaotic thing… Yesterday, Icy in NA_East was blocked and you weren’t able to reach the top of the castle…

I wonder who thought that spawning a portal to bring you to Water Town could be a good idea?

All what you needed to do is copy&paste something that worked for many years, like the Hearthstone from WoW. An item that you use, and gets you back to a starting point that you set. Simple and easy.