Toxic player how to segnalate and ban?

one question… why gamer toxic is not banned?
only for game with money?
im play a first game with this “gamer” DonPablo33 she is very very toxic. at other game she take permaban…
and here?


He or she Don Pablo always blame others I was in the same team and he said Noob and bad thing too.

Might be need to add mute mode in the game🤐

He won’t even teach anything just blaming others……

BT Needs new players but such kind of players make new comers leave BigTime. Sad


It’s not a good idea to ban players or investors, or to hinder free speech. A mute or ignore option would be an easy fix.


Hi there, if there is a toxic player in Big Time, please use the Customer Support function and create a ticket. After that, talk about the problem and attach images/ videos as proof. The team will take care for you. Thank you


We don’t tolerate toxicity. For example, one community member was just released from a 1-week suspension today and if they do it again they’ll be permanently banned.

Use customer support (top link Support) or send an email to


sure… other game for this verbal abuse is permabanned… and stop…

ok… im send mail at support… ty for reply…

Toxicity is a relative term and should not be grounds for suspension. That’s what happens to League of Legends players and LoL players know the eggshells you have to walk on to navigate communication in that game. There should be a mute feature for players to ignore others but absolutely no one should be banned for their speech. That is the epitome of a slippery slope and it frightens me to see someone being punished for something they typed.


There should be ban. Toxic player chose to use the word by themselves. Those things should be reflected to themselves.

Sometimes Speech is stronger than hitting or hurting someone.

As the last resort and warning :warning: there should be ban their accounts. Who hurts players by their speech.

Speech is not equal to violence. Offense is taken, not given. It is a subjective measure that noone should be punished for. There should, however, be a mute button for you to ignore and game-ruining behavior should be punished.


it’s funny but you don’t explain the whole story and you’re in a very bad place to talk since you have a toxic behavior :slight_smile:
The story is simple We recruited Mr to play with we arrived in the dungeon he played solo to drop nfts in his corner we revived him 11 times minimum the only time I fell down Mr stayed in front of me without revive myself to continue dropping solo nfts I broke down and I told him to stop he didn’t listen to anything I ended up insulting him it would take a function to kick bad players in the middle of the dungeon rather than having to wait for Mr to finish his life in the dungeon before thinking about his colleague.
In addition, instead of shouting and crying for a ban, a mute function would be sufficient and would allow players on my team to no longer fall with players like Mr Mitch74 :slight_smile:
Next time instead of yelling at the ban, please come and ask for an explanation, we have strategies in the dungeon if it’s to play solo that Mr stays in his corner.

I see that you are still running after your story … fantastic they really should “reward you” for your persistence in continuing to say wrong things … but hey what do you think you have said and done things … but I see that the memory system goes to updated and not a little … good luck. it was your behavior … and your toxicity that did it all … and then you still try to defend yourself … I didn’t write those things … remember that … in other games you deserve the banhammer.

the one who cries near everyone is you guys you even came here to cry after you were told on Discord that you were in no position to complain that’s Toxic behavior! Also no one has ever taken a permanent Ban in any game for saying someone was stupid! Even hackers and bug exploiters aren’t permanently banned so stop crying to everyone you’re the worst gamer in the community hoping never to hear from you again since you’re blocked on the BigTime discord Come on bye

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look image… and stop … you were wrong

Toxicity is a littler easier to sus out than you’re making it sound. No one needs to walk on eggshells.

It is a simple concept, don’t be a complete dick. If you (as players in general) choose to be toxic, we will choose to suspend or ban you. Period. No slope involved, just maintaining a fun escape from our hectic daily lives.

Make good choices.

Again it is simple. Choices are being made. If you choose wrong, we have to help remind you that you are accountable for your decisions.

This also includes choosing to try and get someone in trouble if you are part of the problem.

you should stop, reflect and learn how to be respectful. We are all here to have a good time and help one another in the name of fun and play. You alone called me a pussy , i can’t imagine what you have or will say to others if you don’t get things your way.