Transparency of the game and patch notes

Problem you’re trying to solve
The patch notes is not descriptive enough.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
A few examples:

  • Sea Shore portal level ranges have been reduced → Sea Shore portal level ranges has been reduced from 1-15 to 1-10
  • Cooldown time for Invisibility has been increased → Cooldown time for Invisibility has been increased “formula” or at least lvl 1 and lvl max

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Just as a good example check out Path of Exile.
Example: * Absolution: Now deals 21 to 31 Physical Damage at gem level 1 (unchanged), up to 873 to 1310 at gem level 20 (previously 588 to 882). Now has 200% Effectiveness of Added Damage at all gem levels (previously 130%).

This way it is easier to plan. Right now as an example permanent invisibility may be possible with cooldown nodes and so on, just harder to build. It may not. We don’t know, can’t calculate.

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some players’ speed is too fast like almost broken… I think it should be nerfed… and I noticed that if you change gears before you reset your stats, the stats will disappear with your gear… I also would like to suggest making the mini map kinda like Diablo where the map should be hidden until it is explored. I think also adding a secret chamber or passages in the dungeons that have golden chests on them would be cool. That’s my take, thanks.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll see what I can do.