Treasure rabbit :)

Don’t want to make this long entry and will try go straight to core:

What do You guys think of implementing some RNG , high risk , high reward daiblo like treasure goblin ?

Obiously I’m talking about similar mechanic mayby sth like glitches in time or white rabbit with clock running towards door :slight_smile: I’m looking for long term dopamine shot for all party raiders who are looking for challenges which has a high possibility of getiing team dragged into unfavorable positioning and getting unwanted agro from mobs around.

On the other side I would consider it as a tool to encourage HL players to continue into end game as treasure rabbit would be ultimate DMG check and time/ coordination check for team consisting of only maks limit so 6 people.

The obvious downside would be " rabbit runs" especially if reward would be very high NFT drop chance, but still this could add to high lvl player base to keep playing in maks party size of 6 forcing some parties to carry with lower lvl players just to spawn rabbit.

It would also force players to use TP and speed potions at times increasing in game cash burn.

Most of us are playing couse of NFT and speculation, but the game have quite big potential. Still it needs plenty of lore and skill tree development, our treasure rabbit would be simple but engaging addition.