TW Whirlwind seems....BROKEN? would love some feedback from DEV's

Problem you’re trying to solve
Make Whirlwind a skill time warriors actually want to use again!!

After some quick tests on the whirlwind skill, I feel like its BROKEN! Or the skill description is misleading and doesn’t accurately represent what kind of damage it will do, the skill left me confused with how bad the damage output is.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I feel like the whirlwind skill “specs” doesn’t plainly show what you should expect, at level 1 it states STRENGTH at 1700%??? what does that mean!!? I read it as a ridiculous boost that will cause insane damage… wrong.

When I increase the level to 4 the strength goes to 2600%… maybe it’ll be better?? NOPE, my damage output for each hit increased by 19 damage per hit. The skills added damage at level 1 was 18 and increased to 27 at level 4 with an increase of 9 added damage.

On my main TW with rage and LOD active the whirlwind skill damage doesn’t scale at all, just stuck at it’s base damage depending on it’s level and your weapon damage…

I feel the scaling on this skill is VERY broken.

When whirlwind was known as the “spin to win” skill and did insane damage, it wasn’t because it was overly broken… it was from being a good player with a high level TW that makes use of the right skills (Rage, LoD). You also needed a good team that could break enemy shields… if enemies had shields on the whirlwind skill would SUCK
Frog enemies were the one enemy type that were easy to crush no problem, every other enemy that had shields requires good TEAMWORK

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
-Adjust the damage scaling if the crazy strength percentage is in fact supposed to be a short strength boost.

  • Remove the “Strength” from specs if it isn’t supposed to be an added strength boost, confusing to have .

  • Add “duration” back to specs?

  • Love Beau


Quick test to show the damage doesn’t scale at all with strength

Very good post. I hope WW and Time warrior overall get’s some love soon.

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Agreed, Time Warrior Whirlwind was over-nerfed. All they had to do was reduce the movement speed while spinning, so it was only effective on tight groups of mobs. Possibly lower the damage a bit, but it did not do anything to shields so this was a good balance.

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This is H20Jedi from BYG and I cannot agree with Beau more…as one of the original “Spin to Winners” the weakening (and downgraded visuals) of the Spin, has left me very Disillusioned with the TW. There was no reason to so dramatically weaken and shorten this vital TW skill…It still took teamwork, collaboration, and skill to kill a mob, the only thing that was taken away with the nerf of the “spin to win” was the excitement and energy that came with watching the TW mow down ememies…EVERYONE LOVE IT…IT WAS EXCITING…PLEASE BRING IT BACK …ASAP


the whirlwind used to be the most strongest skill at the past, until it got nerfed really bad. I hope they make whirlwind strong again or else the Time Warrior will be useless for damage. and no fun because we only use basic attacks.

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to be fair, Lord of the Dead alone destroys everything shield no shield so Warrior dps is still fine, but its definitely not worth unlocking whirlwind at all, and so far I feel like every other Warrior skill are kinda useless

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If I put talent points in whirlwind, it’s because I haven’t found the lord of the dead gear yet, when I do I’ll delete all the points and play as if whirlwind didn’t exist.
Too nerfed.

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