Unable to switch weapons when the equipped Shield's requirements is no longer met

Unable to switch weapons when the equipped Shield’s requirements is no longer met



Steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. equip a shield by making sure the requirements are met, now I can freely switch weapon by pressing “F” key
  2. reset skill point or re-arranged some equipment, the skills points allocation no longer met the requirments by the equipped shield (it is shown as grayed out, but still equipped)
  3. press “F” key now, nothing happens, no longer able to switch between weapons.

The Correct logic:
Once the shield is equipped, we should be able to switch equipped weapons freely.

This is a screenshot for better understanding the scenario

I think the way they have done it is logical. If you don’t have enough stats to use the shield, you won’t be able to use it, whether or not you have it previously equipped. (if not, many players would take the opportunity to change statistics, equip the item and then reset, it is a bug that was used before with all objects and that was recently fixed)
PS: Those items that appear in red won’t give you stats either)

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This would not be a bug! If you had a shield equipped, reset your stats, and no longer had the requirements to use that shield, it would make sense you can not swap back to use it!

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